Forex: trading the professional side of FX market

Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon this forum and decided to post my trading results and insights about trading regularly in this thread - perhaps it will be useful to some of you here and will serve as a source of inspiration.

I tried forex trading for the first time 13 years ago and went through a long learning and trial-and-error period.

For the last 1.5 years I trade this market every day, full-time, and 6 months ago I became a consistently profitable trader.

I trade the professional side of the forex market, by using my professional understanding about how this market works. It has nothing in common with the information that is provided in most of the publicly available education courses.

During the last 6 months (July-December) I generated 83% profit. Last week’s (starting at 2023-01-02) result was +3.98%.

In this trading diary I’m planning to share my weekly or monthly results from time to time and also post some of my videos where I share my thoughts about trading.

P.S. I live in the northern part of Lithuania. If anyone here lives somewhere around, I’d be happy to meet up and talk about trading & life.

Cheers and have a good trading week ahead!


Hi everyone, I am sharing an article that I wrote from my recent realisations trading the forex market.

Here are some of the things that are needed to become super successful in trading the financial markets:

  1. Professional knowledge about how the market works. Not just markets in general but the specific market that you trade. Most traders do not have this knowledge and their trading is based on incorrect beliefs about how the market works. But the worst thing is that most of them are 100% confident that they know what they’re doing. Chances of long term success trading under such conditions are close to impossible.

  2. Continuous improvement. Even Jesse Livermore himself, one of the most famous traders of the past century, once said: “I’m a student of the market who occasionally makes money”. There’s nothing worse than falling asleep after reaching your first success milestone (consistent profitability and 1st level financial independence). Only our beliefs dictate our boundaries and how much we can actually achieve. Therefore, a trader has to be always learning and improving their performance, otherwise the inner void will kill them. A trader has to always ask: “how can I earn more by risking less”? Because the one who feels successful, stops improving and that’s the beginning of falling into the abyss.

  3. Love for work. If you trade the market only for the sake of money - you won’t last long. Trading is not about making money, no matter how weird it may sound. You have to like the process and go so deep until you’ll feel that every day you’re touching the Universal laws and receiving Divine wisdom. This will empower you and will give you strength to continue the process. When I became a full time trader, it was very hard for me to keep my attention for a few continuous hours, because as long as you’re seeing only the surface, trading is incredibly boring. But nowadays I trade the market with enthusiasm from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays I dedicate a few hours for learning. If I come up with ideas on how to improve my trading tools - I would start working at 6-7am so that I’d be able to code and test those tools before the trading session. I can’t wait until Monday comes and the market will open again because it will bring yet another fantastic opportunity to learn, improve and make money!

  4. Patience. You will need more patience than you initially thought. The market is not stupid and it brings only a handful of good opportunities to trade throughout entire day. It’s like looking for particles of amber in the sand - during the day I might evaluate as many as 500-1000 potential opportunities to trade, but only a few of them will match my criteria (sometimes none). I trade only when I receive top notch opportunities, because average opportunities lead to average results. In a competitive market average results mean losses.

  5. Connection to yourself. Emotions and inner voice are important feedback mechanisms that signal to the trader if they are doing something wrong. For example, if you feel stress while trading, it could mean that you’re risking too much or that you broke your rules and opened a stupid position. Greed and euphoria are bad companions as well, leading you to the abyss. The normal condition of a trader is emotionless - i.e. when you’ve transcended your emotions and lower animal mind impulses, you’re in unity with Yourself, you’re Here and Now, you’re free of any unneeded thoughts - then you’re seeing an undistorted view of actuality, you can interpret information in the way it actually is and you’re acting correctly. You’re acting with inspiration and thankfulness - these conditions are above emotions.

Of course, the list of 5 points above is not all that is needed to become a successful trader in the market, however, these points are very important. It’s interesting that they’re valid not only in trading but in also in other professional areas. Because deep down they’re about self mastery. I wish you an interesting and fulfilling road while striving for self mastery in your professional area.

Hi everyone, hope you had an inspiring trading week. Wanted to share with you a very important morning routine that I have recently discovered that has upgraded my trading mindset to a new level. After three weeks of practising it helped me create a new layer of focus and tranquility that enabled me to trade successfully even while on the move or at the beach.

How it looked from the technical side: I get push notifications to my smart watch, then I open the phone to connect to my Windows VPS via RD client app and see if there’s an actual setup, if yes I enter into trade and then open the laptop to set and fine-tune exit orders (as my phone’s screen is too small for that), by using tethered mobile internet connection.

That is a dream actually coming true because trading while sitting near the winter sea in southern Spain brings me a calm and inspired state of mind and my phone nor laptop don’t overheat because it’s winter! But that would have been impossible to comprehend for me without this morning routine as my mind was too stubborn, frigid and attached to the idea that “to trade seriously you need to trade from the office”. Nope it’s not true because it’s all in your mind. And to master your mind, consider the morning routine as explained in my video:

P.S. If you have any specific questions about trading the professional side of the forex market, feel free to reach out to me via private messages and I will consider your question for my articles and videos. Only private messages will be considered.

Wow that must be nice. Are you there temporarily or are you from Spain originally?

Just traveling to sunny places around Europe in winter.

Hi everyone, didn’t post much lately as I have been working my ass off without weekends expanding my services portfolio as a professional forex trader.

So after my early morning’s walk in the forest I thought I will share a quick advice for other traders.


Many traders want a simple, mechanical trading plan that is based on indicators and chart patterns. It’s like you get something on the chart and you react by either trading it or not. However, we see that indicators are more often failing than working. Chart patterns are also more often failing than working. So what can you do about it?

You need to be proactive. First of all, you have to identify price areas where you’re going to expect a chart pattern or indicator signal to happen. To be able to do that you need professional market knowledge which you can’t get from youtube, babypips, books and most forex teachers.

When you identify your price area and expect a certain pattern or signal to happen, you’re making a prediction (step 1). After you’ve predicted what’s going to happen, you wait for it to happen (step 2). And then you know that if A happened, followed by B, then it’s very likely that C will happen as well. So then you trade (step 3).

Sometimes I wait until evening for my morning’s predictions to happen. Or until tomorrow. Or longer. Remember - patience is the name of the game and if you use proactive approach then you’re less likely to fall into trader’s psychological traps and also more likely to make more money.

I like your positive fresh approach.

I kept thinking that I recognized you from somewhere, and then it came to me.

You could be this guy’s brother…

Good morning, from Canada!

#2, 3, 4,& 5 have been regurgitated all over these forums Not that they’re still not important in one’s success. But I’m interested in your understanding of how these markets work. Or even just how you believe the market you trade works.

Well I only have knowledge of how FX market works, not all markets. But that’s enough to make money. If you want to gain professional understanding of how the FX market works you have to either learn from another professional trader or you have to learn on your own. The first method is quick but you have to be very selective when choosing a mentor because most of them only believe that they understand how the market works, when it fact they don’t. The second method is slow and more painful, but doable. You also have to be very focused and stay away from most of the books, youtube, forum resources etc. and when you’re doing it alone then it becomes very hard. The moment you start believing in what babypips tell you, you stop learning.

How do you know if you have professional understanding or not? You need to be able to explain why the price is moving right now and where it will move next with a high probability. Most traders and educators can’t do that, all they know is how to put the indicators on and play with R/R to achieve some mediocre results. But when the price moves, they don’t have a clue why it moves. And when market conditions change they don’t have a clue what to do, they just keep trading in the same way and call it “a losing streak”. Which is tragicomical.

March 2023 - Monthly Review

For the last 2 years I’ve been posting monthly reviews in my blog. This time I decided to share it in the forums as well, because it may be beneficial to some of you.

Last month I was mostly working with non-trading related matters of my business like onboarding a few more clients to my capital management service and improvement of my signals service. Onboarding of new clients for capital management is quite a boring process as it’s not just about relationship building and tailoring your proposal to the exact needs of an investor, but also about navigating the difficult world of legal matters and regulations, which can be frustrating at times. Sometimes I could reach out to 20 brokers in one batch and none of them would appear suitable. But I usually persist until I find a solution and that’s how it was the last month. Because no matter how boring or frustrating the onboarding matters are, I have a high value for helping people enrich their lives and that’s really who I am. You can’t take me away from me, so that’s why I do it.

Regarding the signals service - it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be because not all of my trades can be broadcast as signals due to the very quick nature of those trades. And also I got sidetracked a bit due to the specific requirements of a new investor. It’s hard when you try to please everyone as then in the end you forget about yourself and you are not successfully delivering what you promised. The last two weeks were especially hard to swallow because I brought quite a lot of profit to our internal traders group by posting my predictions as most of them were correct, but I took very little pips for myself because my mind was too distracted. So I thought about it a lot and decided to refresh my trading routine and introduce a much more relaxed, slower trading style which does not depend that much on perfect entries but more on the overall quality of my predictions. It’s capitalising on my strengths and protecting myself and my investors from my weaknesses.

I also published a free ebook titled “$1000: The New Price Of Freedom”. This short and easy-to-read ebook shows the raw truth on how to earn $1,000,000 in just 6 years or less with a very simple action plan. It suits everyone, doesn’t matter if you work as a cleaner or as a CEO. It’s not sugar coated and it doesn’t involve any fantasy selling, no lambos, no boobs. I believe you cannot find a more honest book about making a million dollars on the internet. Actually if you read the classical books that are written 500 years ago or earlier, on the topic of becoming rich, you will probably find the same truths. For full disclosure the ebook is not a copy paste of anything, it comes from me and my personal observations, but it’s funny how it turns to mimic the classics at times!

I also started looking into tax optimisation stuff and I became very interested about Cyprus tax residency. It’s not where I’d love to live all year round because during our last trip to Cyprus in January it was so cold at every apartment or hotel where we stayed! And in summer it gets too hot. But the upside is that you don’t need to live in Cyprus all year round, and not even half a year. It’s enough to be there for just 2 months and you get the tax residency. Spring or autumn in Cyprus can be a great idea. Winters would be in Cabo Verde, Seychelles, Mauritius, India, SE Asia or Australia and summers in Lithuania of course. I like the islands around Africa due to timezone similarity to Lithuania/Cyprus but on the other hand Asia or Australia gives a different schedule that I’m open to trying out as well (enjoying the daytime while making business connections, holding meetings with clients or sunbathing in the beach and trading in the evenings and early nights). Lithuania/Cyprus, while it is a perfect trading timezone for 9-5 schedule, actually glues me to the screen all day which may not be the best option. On the other hand, in the evening the brain is not so efficient and it can even be harmful for trading results if I trade in SE Asia or Australia. Double edged sword.

What’s so great about Cyprus taxation? Well I don’t want to give tax advice here, but the main thing is that as a trader you will either be not taxed at all or you will pay relatively small taxes compared to other EU countries. It depends on your classification (domicile vs non-domicile). So that’s very appealing because it gives extreme advantage to capital growth via compounding. Also, the annoying and eternal question if trading income is “income” or “capital gain” that is still a grey area in many countries, seems to be not even a question in Cyprus. Looks like they actually understand how traders operate and they don’t need to hear your explanations. Which is great.

I also know one Lithuanian CEO of a major forex broker who moved to work and live in Cyprus a decade ago and he’s very happy. Cyprus is a weird place to be after all, from many perspectives, but it’s great that they found ways to turn this disadvantage into advantage and became a very attractive place for people looking to grow rich quicker by utilising their liberal legal and tax framework.

Remember that most governments, like most forex brokers, are crooks. Most of them are not your allies and all they are looking for is how to rob you so that you would never become financially empowered. So choose your government-partner wisely. They’re mafia with big militaries and police force and they can do whatever they want. So find the one with which you can become allies and it will help you a lot in your journey to freedom. And after you picked your government, remember that after 20-40 years most likely they will become crooks like most of the others. They will increase taxes, crash the banks and extort your money in any way that they can possibly invent. So after you’ve picked your partner, understand that the good conditions won’t last forever. It’s simply part of their plan and there’s no free lunch. They will come to take back what belongs to them. So always be prepared to move your tax residency to another country whenever needed.

Have a great trading month ahead.

April 2023 - Monthly Review

This month was the time of both internal and external change. This month I made my trader’s journal completely free to use. I built this online tool using my own hands more than a year ago. Initial and further development work took around 3 months working full time. Since last year, the tool has been tried out by quite a few people organically and while for some people it served well, some of the other people lacked motivation to use it continuously. Up until now I’ve been using a hybrid pricing model (all features are free up to a certain usage limit), so only a handful of people have ever paid for the premium membership. Since my main source of income is trading and earning money from the journal tool was never among my goals, I made it completely free so that more people could use it.

About changes in trading. Up until now I thought that the more currency pairs I’ll watch, the more I’ll earn. But I didn’t evaluate the burden on my mind - when I’m watching many charts, am I actually seeing and perceiving, or just watching? Also, while reading the statistics of one of the prop firms, I found an interesting fact - among a few thousand of researched traders, the biggest share of profits is taken by those who trade only one pair/symbol. I decided to trade only one currency pair.

Having realised how strong the power of focus is and that by focusing my attention to one point I can achieve more, I made two more changes: I decided to trade using only one strategy and trade only when expected reward/risk ratio is big (10:1 and more). These decisions were the most profitable so far. I was suffering from the diseases of maximalism and perfectionism for a long time, and now after breaking my mind and having realized that less brings more, I only want to thank the Universe that we live in this environment of surprising laws of nature and that we’re able to comprehend them.

About internal changes. A few years ago at the profile of one rich man I saw this quote: “everything is happenning in your mind”. Although these words sounded intriguingly, at that time I could only comprehend them superficially - on the mind level only. But this month I’ve received deeper realizations. I started paying a lot of attention to observation of my mind while trading. Because I stumbled upon some sort of a glass wall that I couldn’t break. It seemed that no matter what I did - both externally and internally - my results were not getting better. I felt like I stopped improving and I couldn’t rise to the next level anymore. On the inside I was having various sorts of negative emotions, and on the outside - after so many hours at the charts and backtesting I was almost vomiting, I couldn’t see anything new in there, it seemed that everything was learnt already and intuition was screaming to me that I’m looking for answers in the wrong place.

And then I received a realization that the 2 year old lesson about uniqueness of present moment wasn’t actually learnt. Two years ago we set off to the seaside together with the soulmate. After driving just a few kilometers outside of the town, the mirror dropped, on the driver’s side. Driving became very unsafe and uncomfortable. We stopped at the nearest town’s service station to change it. Next day at the beach I was reading a psychological book for traders. The book said that only after perceiving the uniqueness of present moment a trader can expect for their internal suffering to end. Then it came to me that the mirror happening taught me exactly that. While driving, I had actually noticed that the mirror is slightly shaking. But I didn’t consciously perceive that, because I had a shaking mirror in my previous car as well, but it was for a different reason. It wasn’t a critical problem requiring immediate solution, so my mind learned to ignore it. And when I saw the shaking mirror this time, my mind automatically ignored it, connecting this to the experience it already had, not even recognizing that I was sitting in a different car. The uniqueness of present moment remained unperceived. After this event, I thought that I already learned the lesson.

But now it came to me that I had only learned that lesson on the mind’s level, but I wasn’t truly living in that realization. For a person who is injured by his own intellect (i.e. me), it was very difficult to perceive that the market can actually do anything at any time. Because I have professional understanding about how this market works, I can analyse well, my prediction success rate has increased to 90-100%. That created a treacherous illusion that I know what the market will do in the next hour. This illusion created a lot of stress. It became gross to live with this illusion. I understood that I have to trade without predictions, expectations and accept that every situation will be unique, what happened in the past will never repeat in the future with 100% accuracy. Not just “know” about it, but soak it up with my whole material and spiritual being. Not just “understand” it, but be in it. Bringing this to practice wasn’t easy.

I had to come to a realization that everything that is happening in my mind are programs which are always repeating. And more - everything that is happening on the outside is the result of those programs. And unexpectedly, at exactly the right time a notebook came to my hands which had my 4 year old notes from a deep experience. It was so spot on that I read it all in one go. In those notes, I had this line: “mind, go to hell, I’m going to celebrate life”. Soon after, my mind started exploding. My programs rose from deep waters into my field of conscious observation. I could perceive them clearly. It became so funny. All of the fights, conflicts, hardships, mood storms, standard trader’s reactions - all of that was made up in my mind. I created all of that. And then I got horrified: God, so I came to trading with all of these programs? And how I could even think about breaking the glass wall when I had such hells happening inside of me?

In just a few days my trading transformed from the hardest job in the world to the almost easiest and most pleasant walk in the park.

But I will stop here before you started thinking that I’m high (I don’t take anything, not even caffeine). Because the deeper I’ll go, the less practical it will be for you. And for traders there’s no need to read novels - you just have to work and experience everything that you have to experience. But if, while experiencing, you’ll have some reference points, it will be easier to recognize what’s happening inside of you now. I wish you all the best. Patience, success.

P.S. The photo, attached to the article, was taken by me in March 2019. At the time I described it this way: “Joy – like other feelings – is a matter of perception. When you connect to the Ultimate Creator and ask for joyful experiences – they are revealed in the most unexpected ways.” After rising with my drone and taking this picture of Singapore, it brought me a lot of joy. I understood that the park I was walking in looked so unexpectedly playful from above. It was the Creator’s Garden. And the Creator is you. Your task is to create the most beautiful, playful, joyful garden of life. And don’t forget that everything is happening in your mind, so all of the limits dwell only there. You are the Creator, therefore you can change it. Go ahead.


Life is beautiful in a way that there’s no limit to how many times we’ll receive the same lesson. It will come to us however many times are needed - until we learn it and are able to move to the next level. Have you ever noticed how you’re running in the same wheel and events are repeating? That’s what I’m talking about. That is a sign that the lesson is not learnt yet, or maybe not even acknowledged yet. The only way to escape this wheel is by finding out what needs to be learnt and do it.

Last month I confronted my Shadow Self as familiarly as never before. The Shadow Self is not your friend, advisor or nurse. It can appear angry, but it’s not just a mean teacher who is wishing you ‘all the best’ deep in his heart. It can appear as your enemy, but even that is not true, because enemies are created by our foolish minds, drowning in one-sided illusions. The Shadow Self just IS, and it has only one mission - to destroy you.

It will do everything that it can so that you wouldn’t achieve what you desire. The Shadow Self has many names in different philosophies and religions of the world. One of those names is the force of Resistance. In physics, every force has its anti-force. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will eventually meet with your Resistance. You can’t get rid of it nor destroy it. Yu have to learn to recognize it and work despite being influenced by this force.

To recognize your Shadow Self, you need to choose your area of work and dive to it very deep. It’s not enough to just become a professional - you need to go through your highest euphoric highs and soul-wrecking lows, walk through the desert of boredom, and beyond that you can start looking for your Shadow Self. In order to arrive at this point, your chosen area of work has to completely match your highest values. In my case the meeting with Shadow Self happened while trading in the financial markets, but it can happen in any area of work that you love.

There’s one serious advantage of this meeting though - it’s a confirmation sign that this area of work is indeed the most important to you and it strongly resonates with the reason why you were born on this planet. Meaning that if you continue working in this area, you have real chances of experiencing realisation of the soul. But beware that this path is the hardest one. When you’re choosing easy paths, your Shadow Self is wickedly enjoying that, but the soul always knows where it actually has to be. You can’t fool yourself and the choice is yours.

I am a person who is learning very slowly. I don’t think many would believe it because people see me as an intellectual person who is quick to learn the ropes. But that’s only the facade of Gemini sign. It’s easy for me to sail through the surface, but I’m very slow to accept deeper lessons. It seems that I have read this quote so many times already:

“If a common man receives a strategy on how to achieve everything that his heart desires in 10 years, he will try to amend that strategy so that he could achieve the goal in 1 year, and as a result of that he will not achieve anything neither in 1 year nor in 10 years.”

But only this month I fully understood that I was still repeating the same mistake. It doesn’t matter how many times my trading mentor told me to reduce my risk - I still didn’t do that. Because it seemed to me that it will take me so much time until I have the same level of capital as he has, which allows for stress-free trading at low risk. So I wanted to speed up the process. However, after spending a few dozens of hours analysing my previous year results and testing various scenarios, I understood something very important: the higher the risk, the weaker my raw performance (measured in pips) gets. Finally I proved to myself with data something that I had felt in my gut for quite a while - that by lowering the risk, my raw performance in pips will increase and the return in monetary terms will not be smaller! Also, while trading with smaller risk it becomes easier to objectively evaluate market conditions, I have more patience, less stress and emotions, therefore my health and quality of life gets better.

Over the last few years I’ve been repeatedly facing the same conclusion that in business everything is important. Every detail is significant and it has to be taken care of. Even a single overlooked or consciously omitted detail will bounce back - it’s only a question of when. When you’re a salaried employee, you don’t need to do everything at 100% quality. Because you will still get your salary. The bost might not even notice. And if he does notice, maybe someone else will fix that. But when you run your own business, behaving like that and expecting success is impossible. In trading the financial markets, the relationship between cause and effect reveals itself even faster than in many other fields of business.

If you jump into a trading position without much thought after a shallow evaluation or if you consciously ignore a certain rejection by your trading plan justifying yourself by saying “my intuition tells me it will be good” or “I’ve seen it before” or “I just want to make money” - the market will punish you for sure. It’s very likely that as soon as after 5 minutes you will be regretting your decision and questioning yourself “how could I mess this up again, this opportunity was indeed bad”. By the way, in these situations your Shadow Self, or the force of Resistance is in operation as well.

Intuition does indeed carry an important role while trading the financial markets (and in any business). But Intuition is easy to confuse with the whispers of your Shadow Self. I have noticed that there’s a very short span of time during which the Intuition either comes online or not. It’s about one second. The voices that come later are usually hallucinations of your mind. What do I mean by that?

While trading, when you look at the chart evaluating a new opportunity, it has to look good from your first look. If, within the first second, your inner voice is screaming to you that you have to act, then you only have to open your trading plan and do the mechanical evaluation based on your pre-set rules. If it matches - you open a trading position. These trades usually go without problems, but if they need correction along the way it’s easy to implement them because you’re relaxed, without having an internal conflict it’s easy to see reality exactly as it is, accept it and adapt yourself while taking not more or less money than the market actually gives.

But if, after looking at a possible opportunity it doesn’t “pop out” on the chart and you need to persuade yourself that this opportunity is good - in most cases it will be a bad opportunity. Being in such a trading position you will feel stress, look at the chart very often, think about various scenarios, prepare defence plans, miss other opportunities (which will actually be good) and in the end the result will not be enjoyable. It will be either a small profit (you will feel that you wasted your energy and time, the reward for that was not adequate), or a loss (you will comfort yourself that it was just a lesson, but remember that lessons are not learnt automatically and they repeat as many times as needed until you learn it completely).

However, in the beginning stages of trader’s evolution you will not have Intuition. You will act only mechanically according to your rules (or breaking your rules). At this stage I don’t recommend trading in large amounts or managing capital for other people. Intuition comes online with time. Be patient, work diligently and you will achieve everything that your heart desires. Thanks for reading.

Are You Enjoying Your Trading Journey?

Are you focused only on your goal? Do you wake up and go to bed with your goal in mind? Or do you also find time to enjoy the journey to the goal itself?

I’ll tell you from my personal experience. A few years ago, multiple people told me: “Tomas, don’t forget to enjoy the journey, because you will achieve your goal without doubt, but if you don’t enjoy the journey to the goal, nothing good will come out of it”.

It took me a long time to finally hear those people, because at the time it appeared to me as non sense. I was thinking: “How can I enjoy? It has to be hard, I need to dedicate and sacrifice myself for the goal”.

But, this year is different. A few months ago I changed my trading routine. Between midday and 3pm I’m not trading anymore. I take only two sessions a day: morning and afternoon. As a result, now I can spend this time for myself, being outside, doing whatever I love and enjoying life.

I understood that I spend too much time with my computer. While it’s true that the more time I spend at the charts, the more trades and pips I make - but if I think about the most common hours when I place my trades, I know that I can dedicate some of those hours to something else - to the activity of the Soul and to enjoying the Being.

A human is a special kind of creature. He’s not only for Doing, but he’s here for Being as well. So, are you enjoying your journey to the goal?

Do I have a goal? Yes, I do. And I know that with my current pace it will take me 3-4 years to reach my current goal in trading (a specific amount of capital).

Do I think about how to arrive at my destination faster? Yes, I do. However, I don’t allocate too much time for this kind of contemplation. Because I know that in trading I can’t push it too hard. What I have observed from my experience is that the more you try to apply the work logic of positive sum world (providing services, selling products) in trading, the worse result you’re going to get.

In the positive sum world, it’s okay to work like a horse to make more money, however, in trading it’s not possible and it’s going to bounce back. When you’re tired and you start seeing things that don’t actually exist in the chart - nothing good comes out of it.

Therefore, knowing that “work like a horse” logic is not valid in trading, and if I want to achieve my goal faster, I need to think how to get there intelligently. How to achieve significant results with minimal changes and minimal effort. And very often, a big part of my ideas are discarded.

I can think of many new ways how to trade, I can do a lot of research and backtesting, but it all comes down to a single question: “am I able to actually execute the plan that I wrote?”

In the past, one of my most recurring themes were turning to M1 charts. Because if you watch M1 charts intensively, there will be more trading opportunities. It’s an undeniable fact. However, whenever I tried watching M1 charts all day, I could manage that for a few days maximum. Because when I spend my day glued to M1, my mind starts going crazy, life feels meaningless and in the end I’d always come back to my usual trading plan.

I don’t say that it’s impossible to make money trading solely M1, it’s just that psychologically it wasn’t suitable for me, but it might be suitable for other people. The me-soul becomes uneasy and blatantly objects that kind of activity. It feels how the precious time of being here on Earth passes by without purpose.

I always thought that the most important goals in life are related to money, and I still value money very highly, but I can’t go against myself. I can’t because it affects my health. If you go against yourself for extended period of time, the health deteriorates significantly (if you want to understand why it happens scientifically, read Dr John Demartini). And in the end, these kind of activities end up with those typical stories when a man earns a fortune but dies too early. What’s the point?

From health perspective, in the last few years of trading I’ve reached some points where I really didn’t want to stay for longer. But since last week, I’m back to an active sport. It’s wise to remind yourself that what you do on a daily basis, it makes your years and your decades. And how you’re going to look and feel like in 50 years will be determined by your daily actions, thoughts, internal state.

So, are you enjoying your trading journey? Are you only focusing on the goal or do you find time to enjoy the trip to the goal itself? Ask yourself this question and I wish you a wonderful day.

Hey Tomas,

Are you still in Singapore?

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No, my current base is in Europe, Lithuania. Last time in SG was 4 years ago :slight_smile: Have we met in person?

2 Years Of Trading On The Professional Side - What Did I Learn?

September marked my 2 years of trading on the professional side of the forex market. What did I learn during this time?

  1. Truth is never obvious.
  2. Conventional wisdom (thoughts of the masses) is almost always wrong.
  3. Eagles fly alone.
  4. There’s only one correct way of trading the forex market.
  5. Never try to justify your trading decision. If you’re justifying - decision was bad, it’s mandatory to cancel it.
  6. Don’t go too far searching for opportunities in the market. When the time will come, they will pop up in your eyes.
  7. Every sentence about profitability, posted in public, will attract at least three sentences of resentment from the readers.
  8. Most traders think they know what they’re doing, but in fact it’s not true. Most of them will never admit it.
  9. In the financial world, lies are not accidental. Professional lying is a business strategy, therefore everything new that you hear must be acknowledged as a lie, while the truth should be pursued between the lines.
  10. The more you enjoy life, the easier your trading will be. The less you care about your personal life, the harder it will be to trade.

This post is the last one that I’m posting on the forums. From now on, I will only post in my blog.

Thanks to those who were reading and happy trading.