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Hello Fellow Traders,

Where does one go to learn Forex trading? Its very difficult to attempt to teach yourself one of the more difficult things that exist. Years have passed but I still am not where I want to be. Where can one go to find training? Perhaps online classes or classroom? Does anyone have any experience some kind of Forex training that they might be able to share with me? How well did it work? Was it worth the money?

There is some component of this that I am missing which i need to figure out.



Do you know why youve failed so far?
Have you examined your trades to see what you could have done better?
Under capitalised?
Over complicated system?
Unclear strategy?

So many classes are available in online paid or free. But most of them are found to be scams. So, it’s really a complicated issue.

Yes I have never found at any online courses that can learn
more Forex trading . honestly speaking.

there is any courses about news trading , (paid ). any anyone used already ?

I have documented all my trades. I have before and after pictures. I have trade logic at the beginning as well as the result of trade followed by what I could do better. I probably have 20 systems of this saved on my computer. Its likely I have 1000 probably even more trades created, documented and analyzed. I have removed over leverage but I sometimes find if my system breaks down I’m more prone to random positions. Although usually random positions don’t exist in my trading. I consider random trades to be a process of “degenerating” out of the structure of a strategy. Or for example, getting stopped at break even and then retaking the position. I know its not good and usually don’t do it unless my system breaks down over several months. Its at that point I find myself more susceptible to degenerating. This is an emotional issue I have identified. Solving it goes back to having a working strategy I can trust.

I know for a fact I over trade. I have attempted to deal with this by taking smaller position sizes. For example, if the JPY is really strong and I’m attempting to follow the trend I will buy JPY on all pairs but do so at .25 % so my total risk is less than 2%. Its not that effective since I think im taking lower probability setups. For example, I started a “new” attempt at 3 ducks method last weekend and took 60 trades in last week… Some of them didn’t get triggered but many of them did. I probably took 45 or so said trades last week.

Over trading is a serious issue. I’m just not sure how to address it. I will be attempting 3 ducks methods again this week however I am going to try to only take 2-3 trades per day at 1%. Only the 2-3 best setups over the 28 pairs. Would posting my trades on a thread I create aid me? It certainly might make me more accountable than I hold myself currently.

There is a mentality that one needs to develop to be a successful financial trader. There is a mindset and an understanding. I am missing what I believe to be a component of this described mindset. Books like “the disciplined trader” describe this mindset. Its not that I need to spend more time on charts, patterns or strategies. I need to work on the psychological part. I feel if I was a computer this would be easy but I am not. I am a human with emotions that make my decision process imperfect. It will always be that way. I need advice on how to do solve this described psychological problem. I think that every successful financial trader has gone through this and understands what I am trying to describe here.

I have done the best to describe what I believe to be my issue here. Your guidance is much appreciated. This is a very challenging task that years of work have not solved for me. The reason I continue to trade after countless hours is because I crave the technical challenge it provides. It gives my real life structure and discipline. I also have a fundamental love for business/finance that is not going to go away. Just in case you didn’t fully capture the underlying message above, I am not part of the get rich quick crowd. I am one in here that will try until I succeed or die in real life.

I think there’s another member here who’s trying out 3Duck’s. I agree that it will help add accountability so I recommend putting it out there. Here’s a link to her thread in case you’re interested: Trading Progress

Have you tried a free forex course on Youtube? There is a lot of forex free courses that you can find…

Okay i created my trend. It can be seen here.

Feel free to follow it and see how i do. I have yet to try this so it may be a useful exercise for myself.

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Hmmm well i have watched random videos here and there. Someone on here recently sent me this which I will be setting aside some time to check out. YouTube

Perfect. Will add the thread to my watchlist!