Forex_Vendetta, Who?

I know, that’s the first thing I said too as soon as the FX-Men mentioned him to me. Apparently, Forex_Vendetta or Koz has been tweeting with them a lot and has left a good impression on the guys. The FX-Men has been saying good, if not great, things about Koz for a week that I couldn’t help myself but be curious. So I figured, why not see for myself? I was able to track him down and asked him if he would indulge me for an interview. He did!

So for all of you who don’t know who he is, here’s your chance!

Tell us a little about yourself. (Where you come from and what you like to do.)

My name is Kozan. I’m 33, Single, and I’m Turkish-Cypriot. My parents are from Cyprus, but I was born and raised in UK. I love sports and fitness, a wicked Mocha and granola bar from Starbucks, watching horror/sci-fi movies and gaming online with friends :slight_smile:

What do you like about Twitter? Dr. Pipslow said that being on social networks or forex forums is helpful.

“The truth is, retail forex traders usually have very few, if any, real life friends that they can discuss trading with. By engaging heavily in an online forex community, retail forex traders are given the opportunity to converse with like-minded individuals. Also, having people to talk with about trading ideas and systems is a great help. But more important is being a part of a community that helps retail traders get through losing days and keep their psyche in check. I know many people who would’ve stopped forex trading if it weren’t for the help they received from forex forum members.”

What are your thoughts on this?

I’m addicted to Twitter as much as forex LOL! It’s so easy to communicate with other traders to share ideas and views about different currency pairs. That’s my main purpose for using Twitter.

Quick! Who are your top 5 must-follow traders on Twitter?

The only person people should be following on Twitter is ME lol :stuck_out_tongue: Only kidding :wink: Ok my top five is:, @ragheehorner, @fxstreetnews, @stocktwits, and @fx360.

Which blogger do you like the most? One for the guys and one for the ladies.

Hey that’s not fair, I luv all the guys’n’gals at : ) The two I most communicate on Twitter with is: Cyclopip and Happy Pip : )

How long have you been trading? Do you plan on doing this for a long time?

Been a professional trader for 5 years now and plan on trading until I’m an old man or a millionaire, whichever comes first LOL!

What is your trading plan? How did you come up with it? What’s your inspiration for it?

My trading plan is to look at the daily charts, find out if the currency pair I’m looking at is either ranging or trending then apply the necessary tactics : ) I’m an all-round trader, meaning I use all strategies from scalping, breakouts, trading patterns to trend trading. However the markets act, I react ; ) (You know you wanna use that on your friends LOL :stuck_out_tongue: )

Tell us about the happiest and most devastating memory you have of trading.

My happiest moment in forex is when I spotted my first Head & Shoulders pattern all on my own, it went exactly to plan and I made a few squids from it too LOL! The most devastating moment is when I lost £2000 in a few days after watching a friend trying to trade. I thought ”Omg, this is easy, let me have a go!” What a noob I was LOL. That friend never ended up making any money; he eventually gave up and said “The whole thing is fake!” I stuck at it for 3 years demo trading and taught myself everything ; )[/I]

RoboPip recently joined the team, what do you think of him and his trading style?

He seems like a good guy, I would never trade a mechanical system because I follow price action first as all indicators lag behind price, so it makes no sense to me. I suppose for newbies who wanna get a feel for trading can start with a basic mechanical system to test their discipline and emotions :slight_smile:

If a newbie trader comes up to you and asks you to mentor him, would you say yes? If so, what would be the basics that he should keep in mind?

I don’t mind teaching anyone as I know how difficult it can be doing it alone, it needs a lot of self-belief and determination. My advice is learn the basics then attempt the advanced stuff, don’t rush. The only thing you control in forex is your money. Learn money management skills first, don’t get tempted by greed and jump into trades when its moving fast, those are the tricks the big boys use to draw you in ; ) I know a great website for any newbie to get started… :wink:

If someone invited you to a Halloween Party, who would you go as?

My family and friends throw a Halloween party every year! This year’s theme is Looney tunes and Disney characters LOL! I think I’m gonna go as Captain Caveman LOL! He is a cartoon character that’s good enough LOL : )

If you want to know more or say hi to Koz, follow his and Twitter accounts. You can also check out and even subscribe to his trading journal in the Forums! And to all members, he’ll be blogging soon like he promised. Right, Koz?

where do you find his twitter account?

We are a group of 4 from the University of Edinburgh, UK, who are interested in commodity trading.
We are currently doing MSc in Operational Research and taking financial risk management course.
It would be nice if you could spare some time to answer a few questions from us. We have attached the questions below, and we are looking forward to your answer.
1.) How do you become a trader?
2.) How much time do you spend following the market on each day?
3.) Do you use any model in helping you out with your strategies?
4.) How do you manage your risk?
5.) Any suggestion on how to become a good trader?
Thank you in advance

with good broker you can easily become a good trader

Answering kevmay:
1.) start trading. Seems silly, but that’s how it is. You can use a demo account first, though.
2.) a couple of hours, i use automated services
3.) Not at the moment
4.) Not trading with SL is suicide!
5.) Learn all about ALL indicators, charts, pairs, everything, and then just use price indicators

Hi friend , I think that those are the important questions to be a successful forex trader .I am trying to answer your questions .
1.) If you want to become a trader, then you MUST be willing to invest the time, money and effort to learn how to be a trader.
2.) At the initial period , you have to invest more and much time as you can.
3. )Not now .
4.) There can be 2 reasons for stopping out of a trade. EITHER the market tells us that our intrinsic View or Directional Assessments itself was wrong. OR we stop out of a trade (even if we still believe in our basic Bullish or Bearish reading) because we think we can establish another position at a better level than the previous one.
5.) To be a good trader you must follow some technical rule.You have to go through a certain process. Learn, practice, learn, practice and keep on learning and practicing then you will become a good

Looking at the daily chart and for a considerable amount of time on some target currency everyday for a few days and noting down without trading should be the first strategy for newbies. I am doing that. If I am wrong, please correct me dear experts! I want to understand the price behavior of certain currency now and trying to get Fibo for this.

Is this right time to invest in gold ? Can you please help me investing in this…

I am already in Forex and making good money . So I want to continue it.

Its not easy you can’t start trading immediately as you want to trade. First you have to learn all terms for treading. When you have full knowledge of Treading and all terms and conditions. YOu need Demo account for this. When you have demo account, You have to apply all rules that you have learn in last step.

when you are using demo account, you have to learn graphics of market activities. If you want to become profession trader, you must have good graphics

I know it is slightly off topic (and late compared to the last post before this one) but I saw the thread title and I had to do it.

New movie out next week FV for ForexVendetta! ( :stuck_out_tongue: )