Forexoma "Wolf under a Sheep skin" scam

I would like to hear anybody here was scammed by this brokerage which happened almost 10 years ago. I’ll explain briefly the plan devised by them to run away with the deposits & profits, so that people here can be cautious & wise & can do due-diligence before dealing with such greedy brokers.

The website was in a very simple layout, a white background & black letters. They were saying that Quality is important, not a luxury appearance. There were plenty of articles for clients to educate them, & there was one guy, who was always assisting people in learning, I don’t remember the ‘fake’ name he was serving there. I was a very disappointed guy there at that time because I didn’t have the money to trade there, min. was 1000usd as far as I remember. People were depositing ,maybe profiting, again depositing, new clients were flocking to the brokerage, day by day, & then one day “BOOM!!! AABRACADABRAAA!!!” All of them lost their deposits & profits & they all made me look the ’ Wise Guy’.

I would like to hear from anyone here who knows anything more about this incident.

The founder of Forexoma Brokerage Vahid Chaychi disappeared from the internet for several years. He has recently come back and is offering loyalty programs, trading systems and new broker signals again. Be careful, don’t trust this man.

youtube / LuckScout

Such scam stories make me doubt every broker I want to trade with.

Apparently LuckScout and Vahid kick anyone off the platform who raises a question when there’s a “bug” on the site - they take such things personally. For instance, I played a game on the site and received negative points. I posted a question asking how and why I received negative points in a game after scoring a positive amount. In response to my question, Vahid said, “Sabotage is against the site’s terms”. I asked how does asking a question about point scoring constitute sabotage? My account was then removed. Screen captures for proof attached. So be weary folks.