Forexpeacearmy Scam or not? What you think!

In short can forexpeacearmy be trusted? Can anyone please tell me how legit this web site is? I am a bit suspicious about them. I see negative reviews for most of good brokers on their site and they ask users to stay away from them. After a little search on Google some claim that this site asks broker to bribe them or else they write bad reviews about them. I am confused that who is telling the truth.

What is your opinion about forexpeacearmy? Do you think their reviews are legit and unbiased?


I gave up on them several years ago, so maybe things have changed since. They had sponsed ads from dodgy outfits and the reviews for them were positive or neutral. The competetion had brutal reviews which were deserved. FPA seemed to be engaged in green mail - advertise with us or get unfilterd reviews. Very little integrity.

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For forex industry news, plus information on forex brokers, take a look at Forex Magnates.

I trust what I read on the Forex Magnates website.

I can’t say that about ForexPeaceArmy.


Thanks for your view. I also think the same.

Can you please give me link on where I can read about brokers review on their web site? I didn’t find that! Thanks.

As per my experience, FPA is a very legitimate site. Forexmagnate is a very good source of information but mostly the news caters to analysts and industry veterns. Still, you should give it a try. Kashif…do you have any proof a link to a source where we can read about FPAs devious tactics??

I didn’t gather links which I read but after searching now here are a few:

Is Forex Peace army and a SCAM ? - Yahoo Answers

Forexpeacearmy Scam Warning

Is Forex Peace Army a BIG SCAM ??? @ Forex Factory

Ripoff Report | Forex Peace Army Complaint Review Internet: 961158

Forex Peace Army | Forexbastards | Dmitri Chavkerov

You can search google and there are many more links about them claiming them a scam!

Thank You Kashif. At least these links will allow people to make independent judgement. BTW, Here is a link about Dimiri Chavkerov and his ventures.


Taking into account scam information on FPA, the link offers some answers why people would hate FPA. It also allows us to view the other side of coin i.e. trading forex is a complicated issue and people do complain when they think their golden dreams are broken. I still think FPA is legitimate but I guess it all depends on who you ask…

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Yes at the end its up to the client to decide what is best for him/her. I don’t say that the whole site is a scam but I doubt its integrity and I cant trust their reviews completely as I have seen them bashing even good brokers and systems.

Secrets of the scammers, information about Forum Forex Peace Army

  1. Contact with you, offer pay advertisement for $ 1000-2000 per month.

  2. If you are not paying for advertising is beginning to ruin your business.

  3. For all the time forex peace army offer their services, which the web are labeled as cheating, speaking about the services of the signals, experts and more.

  4. The administrator of this forum is probably mentally ill, since expresses their opinions and means all services Scam, but I’ve never tested!​

  5. People time to open your eyes, because what is happening on forex peace army, is big scam.

  6. We checked statistics visitors to this forum and 80% is primary school and the majority of users are from India and Russia, very possible that they are paying for writing bad comments are added every day new cases of scam. Added is about 10 000 scam alerts, most services are on their website scam, only their own services and those who are paying for the ads are good …


  1. Please be careful with advertising that are available on forexpeacearmy because they attribute their services who do not have name company, contact and missing other important information, you can not know the true owner of the site.

8.Forex Peace Army First, add your website is SCAM ALERTS, waiting what will you do, if you pay it disappear from this forum, if not this for some time you will be taken to SCAM.

These are information from the Internet, simply enter in google

More information Forex Peace Army Reviews | Forum Forex Peace Army | reviews | - FPA REVIEWS


Russian Forum Forex Peace Army is scam!!! Please be careful!!! Forex Peace Army sell bad product and not add me review, because adding true!

I would like to share my own experience with the platform. I am simply offended but perhaps I didn’t look into their terms well enough. They banned me for teasing forum members. My posts contained links to my charts. They said they warned me twice but I cannot remember when was the second time. The funny part is that the posts had to be approved by moderators. The ban is for “spam”, basically I am a spammer for making 4 posts in 2 months.

Please read the following paragraph taken from their terms, below:
“Spammers be Warned: If you spam the forums or reviews, we reserve the right to edit your post in any way we please to make fun of you. By spamming us, you agree to any edits we make. You also agree to waive all privacy rights given to typical users and to take no legal or other actions against the or its associates or employees for anything we do to or with your spam or with other information we have about you. Be aware that your username, email address, and any IP addresses used, as well as the contents of your spam will probably be submitted to any number of online spam reporting sites.”

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The only thing I ever found good with FPA was there was a big number of vendor reviews at the time where there was unfiltered testimonials exposing dodginess of a particular vendor scam unless they were paid off to remove them, similar to ripoff report.

The only person that you can find any info on is the Dmitri Chavkerov – Forex Peace Army CEO is a as involved a a fake green card scam in Florida. They are tort legitimate businesses for money. I have an email from them extorting a company last year for 70k. They are acting like they are on the dark web all of them are anonymous very shady outfit. You are right to be concerned. I am speaking with google about there shady operations at the moment. If anyone would like see the extortion email I can show and also if anyone has problems please notify google as they need shutting down!

So, an anti-scam website is actually a scam, you guys think?

I have taken a day off trading today and just been browsing around a bit. I have noticed this thread before.

I can’t believe that this Dimitri Chvavkerov Forex Peace Army character is still at it !

More than ten years ago he was exposed as the High Priest of Scammers.

The authorities have chased him on one or two of his dodges.

I only assume that the authorities do not care for retail traders, with their anarchist attitudes, poking their noses into the great scheme of things and are therefore fair game for Russian Mafia scammers !

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BIG SCAMMER . forex brokers or other website product sellers need want donations monthly 1000$ to forexpeacearmy . if i or you not like donations to Forexpacearmy ? this FPA admin is enter bad fake reviews to your website . don’t believe this criminal trade signal provider.

forexpeacearmy in reality is a whole criminal network and big scammer. They own a network of sites, on which they write reviews about competitors themselves, and all of them are negative. To remove all the rubbish they write about competing companies, they charge $ 5,000 every month. I say all this, because these scammers extort money from us and attack our business throughout the year. We have filed a complaint with the police against the owners of the forexpeacearmy website and will not stop until this crime stops.

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