ForexPeaceArmy signals & reviews. Warning!

I have been using signals from group of people calling themselves as forexpeacearmy (wpips) for 2 months. As a result, all my funds were lost. Signals turned out to be of very low quality. I tried to make it out and it was cleared that it is not the first site made by this group of forex scammers.
They appear under new name every time when the previous site has lost its reputation and offer their �SUPER� signals and propagandize struggle for clearness of range of forex brokers.

The owner of that web sites is Felix Homogratus (false name) = Dmitri Chavkerov
He was arrested by FBI on 30th of November,2007.
Perhaps, he was discharged but I hope not for long.
He is also the owner of several sites:

All these resources are only made for deception of traders.

Claims of traders concerning openly false signals took place on repeated occasions and when its reputation was damaged the person just changed site:
forexbastards was changed to forexpeacearmy
kingforexsignals - to wpips and so on

You can find more details here:
(the site isn�t mine, was found by google)
There are a lot of sites like these ones, suffice it to type �Dmitri Chavkerov, forexpeacearmy� on google.

I think there will be new reincarnation and thousands of traders will get new opportunity again to use �private signals�.

I would like to warn everyone and ask to send this to traders whom you know.Dmitri Chavkerov & forexpeacearmy & wpips = SCAMMERS
All resources made by this person in the sequel, will pursue only one object � profit by scam. Take care!

FPA isn’t a topic often discussed here, but it has come up a number of times before. Most recently:

Thanks for the spirit in which your post was made.