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Thank you @Pipstradamus - it’s not obvious how I can tell which threads I am involved in and have contributed to. Is there a preferences setting perhaps which I need to adjust?


New site looks lovely!

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That’s a great question. You’ve got two options here.

The quickest way to see topics/threads you’re already involved in is to click on Unread from the “view” navigation menu at the top of the main page. Unread shows you a listing of all topics you’re currently tracking or watching.

What does Tracking and Watching mean, and how do you change those options? Have a look at the bottom of a topic/thread the next time you’re there. You’ll see these options.

Entering topics/threads and reading for 4 or more minutes sets your notification level to Tracking automatically. If you actually post, you will also “track” the topic automatically.

You can review and change your Tracking settings in your Preferences under the Tracking section.

Click here to access your account preferences. Then find the Tracking section.


The second option to view your “involvement” is by going to your Activity page within your Profile.

Click here to access your Activity, or click on your avatar (top right of the page), profile icon, and then Activity.

Under Activity, you can access all Topics you’ve created and Replies you’ve made, as well as plenty of other things, suck as how you Follow, Likes Given and Bookmarks.

I hope that helps. Again, look out for the Educational Series of topics coming out shortly that will help you better navigate the old and new features.

Well that’s very helpful, thanks.

I’m familiar with Tracking and Activity but I had come to think Unread just meant ALL Unread posts, so that’s a helpful way to check on responses I might want to make.

It still seems that when I am displaying Latest (topics with recent posts), there isn’t a flag to tell me at a glance which of these I am taking part in.

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The Unread view is probably better for you.

But this might also help. You can change your default forums homepage to Unread if you’d like. It’s probably set to Latest at this time.


To change that setting, click here to access your account preferences. Then find the Interface section.

Now, every time you visit the homepage directly, or if you click Topics from the sidebar or the main Babypips Forums logo, you’ll be directed to the Unread view (or your preferred view).

logo and topics

And a reminder, the sidebar can be hidden completely by click the hamburger icon next to the forums logo (top left of the screen).

forums logo

Hope that helps!

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Just an honest opinion; I’m loving this new update already, it loads faster unlike the previous versions don’t you think getting a dark themed would be so lovely.


Thanks for the feedback!

We are exploring the viability of themes. We hope to have some answers there shortly.



I second this, would love to have dark themes, this white page is really bright

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Maybe there are a lot of benefits with this new layout, but to look at? well, its just so bland, so, hmmm, boring. Is there no colour, not even a trace of shading, somewhere? Its not even very clear any more what is a quote and what is the new text replying to it. :sleeping:

Oh yeah! :smiley: Maybe the dark themes could help make it more exciting. :blush: I do understand where Sovos is coming from though. :confused: I kinda liked the look of the older version better. :open_mouth: But efficiency-wise, this one’s definitely faster.

Thank you for the feedback. This is something we’re working on. Thanks!