Forum redesign changes are on the way tomorrow, February 28, 2024, 2 PM US/ET! Down time notice

We’ve been working for some weeks on a new version of the Forums. It’s been close to 6 years since releasing the last major upgrade, and our platform provider, Discourse, has offered up some changes since then that we’re ready to release to you.

The upgrade does a lot behind the scenes, with many of the nuts and bolts that keep the Forums running getting updated and made more efficient, along with some major enhancements made to the visual and interactive features that you’re used to and probably use during every visit.

So let’s go over some of those changes and then benefits we see them providing your user experience.

The BIG ONE - Homepage sidebar

The sidebar gives community members more control over their experience. Each member can now add categories of their liking or go with the default set, plus you have the ability to add additional internal and external links in your own custom sections.

And the sidebar can be hidden.

Sidebar Personal Links

The sidebar can be updated with links to other pages within, like

Add whatever you like to personalize your sidebar experience.

Personal Links

Sidebar Customizable Categories

We have a ton of categories, some of which you may not find as beneficial as others. With the upgrade, you can either let our system display the 5 most active categories (which change dynamically), or you can personalize the categories that you see. Easily switch between the two options with single click. We will show just the 5 most active categories by default.


View of many categories added to the sidebar

Private messages access right from the sidebar

Get to your messages quicker, right from the left side of the screen, instead of having to go to your profile.

messages sidebar

Redesigned notification menu (avatar drop-down menu)

Meu navigation has moved to the right edge, with notifications getting the focus on the left side of menu. You now have access to different types of notifications, replies, likes, personal messages, bookmarks list, and your profile.


Updated Homepage Views

We’ve added the ability to change views (latest, new, top, etc.) specific to a single category or still apply that across all categories, and we added a view for your bookmarks right from the main navigation.

New members get get to learn with user tips

New user will benefit from feature tips at various points along their

Share your status with the community

The new User Status feature allows users to set a custom status emoji and message that is displayed across the app. Once set, the message will be shown next to your avatar on posts and on your user card so you can let everyone know you’re :brain: in deep focus mode, :palm_tree:on vacation , or :slightly_smiling_face: how you’re currently feeling.


Fewer ads

We removed a handful of ads from the right sidebar, which should help display additional content and benefit page load speed.

And there’s more in store for the coming months. This upgrade will give us the flexibility to add additional features and security updates much quicker than before.

We’ll be rolling out the changes tomorrow, starting at 2 PM ET/NYC. As we’re working with a large set of data, the upgrade will take anywhere from 1 hour to several hours, so we thank you for your patience.

As always, we look to the community to give us feedback, both good and bad. Tell us what you like about the new features, tell us what needs working on, and give us any suggestions that come to mind.



Congratulations to you and all users! It will definitely be a great upgrade, and I’m thrilled to see it.

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Thank you for the update! Way to go Babypips!

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Thanks!! I’m looking forward to the new site!

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This gon be a blockbuster trust me. Can’t wait for the new update @Pipstradamus

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Thanks for the heads up! I’m excited to see the new updates!

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Ooooh! :blush: I think it’s great to see a lot of interesting new features, like the status and the sidebar options! :smiley: Might take a bit of getting used to, but exciting still! :smiley:


Oh wow this is a completely new look!

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I just set my status to beer. Ha!

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Ooh how’d you do that??

Click on your avatar in the top right, then the little dude in the menu, bottom right, set custom status.

Ah there it is. And you can even add your own status a la ICQ / AIM lol

Initially thought I was in the wrong forum. lol. Nice work!

ohh you can also change the emojis next to the status.

Nice one community.

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This look junkie and confusing. I love simple and easy UI.

Please change back to old, or give an option to users. if they want to continue in Old or New UI.


How is this new format better?

I second that.

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Thanks for the question @tommor. The big reason for moving to a more default, out-of-the-box design had more to do with what you as the user doesn’t see than what you do see. In the past, any major upgrades to the base layer software could take weeks and months to release and suck up developer/human resources. The previous design was 100% custom, and it was a bear to work with when any changes were made to the underlying software or changes were made to other parts of the website not part of the forums. And making design changes specific desktop screens, tablets and mobile devices just became too cumbersome.

This new approach, while giving us less freedom to make drastic design changes on the frontend, will allow us to push feature and security updates in a more timely manner than before. So when Discourse (the forum platform developer) releases new one-off features or major software releases, we can get those changes to you quicker.

We also like the addition of the sidebar, which can be hidden, and the option to give users the ability to add custom links to the sidebar, redirecting to pages within our website, or even pages elsewhere on the web. We’re getting ready to release an educational series of posts highlighting some of these new features and changes, which will hopefully explain some of the new benefits.

We’re always looking to add more value to your experience while you visit the website, so if you have other suggestions or feedback, let us know.

Thanks for the feedback. The new design does add more “stuff” to certain pages, but fore the most part, it’s very similar to what was shown before. Again, the sidebar is a huge addition, but you have the ability to hide the sidebar completely (click the 3 lines hamburger menu icon next to the forums logo). We’re also working with the platform to hopefully bring you a set of different color themes in the future, in case the current color scheme isn’t to your liking.

As always, thanks for the feedback.

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