Forward Testing - Live MT4 with Bollinger Band EA - Let see where it takes me

Well, here we go. I had been back testing this Bollinger Band EA on my demo account. And now I am finally going forward with the test. I have setup a $250.00 on MT4 to run this EA specifically to see which way it will take me.

[B]Asset: [/B] $250.00
[B]Expert Advisor:[/B] Bollinger Bands
[B]Lots:[/B] 0.01
[B]Time Frame:[/B] 1 Hour
[B]Pairs used:[/B] EUR/USD, AUD/USD

MyFXBook status for this Forward Testing

Well it looks like It didn’t pick up any trade today. Changing time frame to 30 minutes to see if it makes any different.

Looks like AUD/USD took the first position (sell) the other night an took a run with positive trends. For two days it climbed up to about $8.00 profit. Sound like we are going long on this one until next week. Let hopes to will profit some more before it close.

Well it looking good, starting out the week. Doubled my profits and still on the first trade from last week.

WOW! This is the first time I see that I can take profit in the negative on a Bollinger Bands. LOL! EUR/USD took -$1.31 profits for hitting the middle band for taking profit. That is funny. Oh well on to the next position.

Well, if you look at Myfxbook, you probably will noticed that AUD/USD is doing better than EUR/USD. It even taken more trades too.