Found a Forex Trader for Albertans PT II

Hi, It’s me, Blackmamba42, in Alberta again!

Darwinex dot com is my new Forex home. So far, so easy, and so awesome!

Previously I lost 11k at FXTM, who later kicked out all the Albertans. Then, I bank transferred 500 US dollars to Hugosway whom, 3 weeks later, proceeded to convert my dollars to bitcoin, which I hate, and they stopped taking cash and would only give my my 500 dollars back in bitcoin so I left. Such a disappointment. That was December 2019.

Now it’s November 2020 and I am at Darwinex dot com.

Darwinex let me use my RBC Mastercard to put 800 US in my wallet. No fuss, easy as pie. My Mastercard did at first request a code sent to my phone to check I wasn’t being scammed. I did the deposit a second time after I put in the code and it went right through. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Their stats are so in depth on your own trading and so fun. I’ve been trading their demo for a year but now this Calgarian is live as of two days ago!

Love this company. Let’s hope it lasts! Check them out if you are from Alberta. They really are a dream come true (so far! lol)

(and just incase you are reading this and wondering if this is legal, you can trade in Alberta with an offshore company that accepts Albertans, just 99% of them don’t. It is not illegal to trade Forex in Canada or in Alberta. Most companies trading in Canada follow the IIROC restrictions [which, in Alberta make it impossible to trade unless you are a millionaire several times over or own millions of dollars of property], but companies that DON’T uphold the IIROC standard usually allow Albertans in but some of them are sketchy. Life is a risk and this isn’t financial advice of any kind. Remember you do have to pay taxes on winnings. Keep your receipts, and to be safe put away 50% of what you make for taxes if you are around 100k at your 9-5 because winning ups your taxes as it’s income. So be prepared. Also, I know it’s legal because I called the Alberta games commission and they told me to not be an idiot trade overseas, but if you can find a company who takes Albertans, it is legal. They just try to tell you not to do it because most people go broke for years until they get the hang of it. Well, if they stop restricting me in my own country, I would so they have no say in my life regarding this. Also, I know it’s legal because my H&R tax representative who filed my taxes trades the forex in Calgary. I told him about Darwinex, he was somewhere else trading more complicated. And no, he’s not a millionaire. SO FOR THE LAST TIME, NO IT’S NOT ILLEGAL TO TRADE FOREX IN ALBERTA, JUST HARD TO FIND A DECENT PLACE TO DO SO. :slight_smile: Best of luck to you, my dear Albertan! – and wish me luck too, I need a stable trading home, and so far this is the BEST one yet.


Hello @Blackmamba42, I am from Edmonton, AB and I am looking for a reliable broker for albertans. I find your post interesting and I would like to know more about your current experience with Darwinex. I hope you read this… Thank you and Godbless.

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@Blackmamba42 thanks for your post I’m sure all the Albertans really appreciate the post as do I. Thank you! How is darwinex now? Have they kicked you out yet? Any further qualms or complications? Have you got a call from our regulatory board for trading forex? Have you found any other platforms we can forex trade on considering we are a resident of Alberta. Anything helps !! As I’ve done quite extensive search on how to go about this BS issue due to Canada can’t get it together and be like other countries/ provinces in this matter.

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Sorry, the extremely detailed account stats I was talking about for me, I need to show my account number for, and for security, its probably a bad idea to so I won’t, but the stats are way way more than the link I posted shows. Everything you do from time of day to opening closing etc, and like 40 other stats. Also I found this darwinex blog post really interesting… it is the reason I made two more thousand-dollar deposits… Seriously worth reading and understanding…