Found origin of COVID virus

I have come across an article from January 2019 that mentions that the SARS-cov-2 virus causing the pandemic was created in a lab in the University of North Carolina.

It is at No.6 on the list, Somehow the virus ended up in a lab in China and was released there. Also the article mentions a list of other deadly viruses created in labs.

The author doesn’t seem very credible to me. I would check his sources.

It must be one of these, in this order of likelihood since they are blaming the USA:
A North Korean
A Russian
An Iranian
A Syrian

Then what about this article from 2015

or this

There could be two possibilities, either it was lab made, or mutated to be like the one made in a lab.

There is so much speculation about how and where it originated that I doubt anyone can say for sure where it truly originated. At this point, I confess I don’t really care where it originated. It is what it is. I’m much more interested in how or whether things will ever go back to the pre-pandemic normal. :frowning:

All answers to this judgement are pretty vague. It’s the snakes, the bats or some chemical testing. It’s better you worry about your health and leave this issue to the scientists.

What is the minimum distance we need to be away from bats? Are the viruses like fleas who can jump 300 times their length, and how big are the viruses? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Sadly there are NO BATS of the requisite variety anywhere near Wuhan - and the “Kung Flu” passes to humans and among humans easily due to the incorpoartion of the spiked protein which it is believed was genetically incorporated from Pangolins - such research as was being undertaken at the USA funded Wuhan Lab which is near the “Wet market”

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@Falstaff The wheels are starting to fall off the “BatShite” crazy fairytale that that this Pandemic came out of a Wuhan wet market…

Even the great and powerful Dr. Fauci is beginning to struggle hiding the origin of big pharma’s incredible window of opportunity for profit.


@Trendswithbenefits - Brett Weistein and Heather Heying have been assessing the odds of the Kung Flu aridsing naturally against it being an escape from the Wuhan Lab for a year or more now - except that they made the Political decision to refrain from speaking on the matter when the “super-woke” were at the height of banning discussion on the matter months ago.

However the current situation, they believe gives them permission to speak their thoughts yet retain some chance of Not being barred :slightly_smiling_face:

They examine the ‘gain of function’ mutation of the virus - to enable it to infect humans without let or hindrance in their latest podcast.

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Apparently the Biden Crew - doesn’t Want to know :wink:

Tucker often times nails it.

Just googled “Tucker: Media is frantically updating their lies”.

First thought that came was - is this tucker guy part of the Media?

My grandmother had a large open fire - the kettle would hang on a crock over the fire and was caked in black from the soot - likewise there was a pot.

We have a saying - pot calling the kettle black :slight_smile:


I don’t know about this I’m a little skeptical.