Foundation To Be Rich

I need a foundation to become rich. Then branch off on other ideas.

Yea, no buddy. Your foundation on forex trading should not be about becoming rich… sadly

You can become rich through consistent use of a profitable strategy. It does not have to be the best strategy in the world, just one that consistently makes money. Then all you need to do is apply it. again and again and again. And don’t draw money out of your trading account until your annual profits are a full year’s decent salary.

to become rich from this market place is a big deal , need a long time experience with good level of patience. otherwise no way

You should focus on learning rather than earning to become rich. You must devote time to acquire proper trading skills first.

Forex is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and dedication to do well at trading. I always think you need to treat it like training to be a teacher or an accountant.

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These posts above are good. The objective of forex is not to get rich. Forex is a job - nobody ever got a job and said to themselves I’m going to get this job because it will make me rich.

The objective of forex is independent income. It is a new Toyota every 3 years, it is not a Ferrari.

They say that most wealthy people have income from multiple sources, so I kind of see where you’re coming from. If you’re looking for something to get rich quick, I wouldn’t advise trading, but this may help with your goals if you’re committed to it. Otherwise, you may want to find another way.

Welcome to the community, @KJC5. Start with the education section here. Be patient as you go through the learning process. The riches won’t come easy. You need to put in the work to even be proficient in trading. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hello. Trading is the best way to get rich. Cheers

Hello and welcome. If you obsess with money, you will lose definitely.