FP Markets Feedback

Howdie all; has anyone got any feedback on FP markets based in Australia - I hear they do accept Canadians too but I would like direct feedback from anyone here that has actually used them - both positive and negative feedback etc…?

Hi. I’m not sure of they accept Canadians but i have only started trading with them for a couple of weeks now.

i’m a scalper and from what i saw FP Markets have the lowest spreads. I Shortlisted them after looking at reviews from various forums and sites, they have a good reputation and active for more than 15 years.

The only drawback is that they don’t have C-trader Platform (I know that not many use them).

I am trading with FP Markets for a while now and they are a decent broker that provide lower spreads and faster execution.

The commission is lower than other Aussie brokers.

If your a scalper i would suggest you to choose FP Markets.

The only drawbacks they have is they do not accept Nigerians.

No issues with the broker, it is a genuine forex broker with great customer support.

Thanks for the feedback bud, appreciate it

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it, it gives insight for me lol, yup I think they are reasonable indeed

I do not have much info about this broker but do know they don’t accept Canadian clients for now.

Yes, they do not accept Canadian and US traders for now, but it is a global broker so its available to several other countries.

Hi, i have been trading with FP Markets for a month and from my knowledge i don’t think they accept Canadians.

As a scalper i prefer FP Markets cause of their low spreads and haven’t faced any issue with them. Will let you know if i face any issue with them.

Is FP Markets only good for Scalping only or is there any other advantages for using this broker ?