Free can it be good?


Maybe I will get some fire from different members but I do not think Any free system can be profitable.
We trade as we want to earn money.

If one system makes money “Why would someone give it for free ?”

New to trading "hope there are free lunches " Sorry to say. Trading is not easy and each time I found “free lunches” it cost me a lot.
Cost me in time or from losses.

Feel free to explain to me why free systems can make money …

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I put up a few of the systems I have used over the years for free on my blog.

They work.

There is also a top notch course by Adam Grimes if you go to his website - again for free.

For myself though I’m quite sure no matter how many try the simple strategies I discuss on my blog few if any will profit from them.

They will deem them far too simple.

They will start trying to complicate things.

Or generally will look to ‘better systems’ after they experience the first loss.

Or just give up

The problem isn’t so much a system it’s who is trading them.


Can you show a trackrecord?

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I think a better idea is to go over them yourself and back test them manually - nothing too hard about that.

I’m not out to sell any course, or prove that I’m some type of guru.


Probably they make a lot of sense like:
buy/sell if ma(9) cross ma(18)
SL 70 pips TP 70 pips

But it has to be verified if it makes pips, either manually or with backtests.

The point is that free and published strategies are a good starting point but generally don’t make pips as presented and require a huge work of testing and optimization to be able to make pips.


I could give away systems all day for free and beginners would still not make money

Strategies are the easy part, the discipline is the hard part

I always suggest manual backtesting over using a program, yes it’s not a perfect way to do things but you get to see with your own eyes how it did in the past in specific market situations.

And your right my own systems are as simple as you could possible get - all thought up because I actually believe most technical analysis is questionable at best.


This is a good time when we are working in the market, today there are indeed many ways to get valuable information for free, because our business is developing very rapidly and new methods of analysis are appearing accordingly. Now it is difficult to keep something secret.

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And what is the problem?
Or do you think that if someone uses your strategy or supervision, you will earn less?
This is nonsense. The market offers unlimited opportunities. And it depends only on you whether you can earn or not!

There is only one way to make money - to be in a position that is in line with the imminent trend.

Two types of strategy achieve this position - get into a trend that is just starting from a reversal or break-out, or get into a trend that is already running.

Almost any strategy that meets the above will be profitable, assuming rational risk and money management. Some tactics will be pretty poor, such as MA crossover entry signals, trading off 1-minute charts, etc. etc. and that will just make profit-making a lot harder - but still not impossible.


I would not go far ahead to say that “any” free system cannot be profitable but I would say that the “majority” of them are not. As for your reasoning of “Why would someone give it for free ?”, well look at the Babypips course, it’s effective and it’s free.


I feel like this is exactly what someone who’s selling a system would say. :v:

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“It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”

Free or not, a trading system is basically a coded strategy. The trick is consistency across varied conditions. So many facepalms waiting at airport terminals watching what I thought was a really good configuration start hemorrhaging money when it ran into certain market conditions. Then you add additional checks to filter out the failure, and then those changes break compatibility with some other timeframe. I insist upon 15 years of consistently successful backtesting before I’ll let something out of the gate, and in my experience it has NOT been easy to achieve. I think whether the EA is free or paid for, or self-written it’s only as good as the trading strategy behind it. In my experience, simple is better. The more complexity you introduce, the more failure you introduce. Find a couple of good technical indicators you trust in harmony and build on that. Good luck!

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Traders should help each other, each of us periodically faces some surprises and it is mutual help from colleagues that can become more useful than some articles or textbooks. I would definitely stick to this format. Greed is not the right thing to do.

I understand that we have an image that things that come for free are not worth our time. But that is not the case always.

“you got what you pay for” + “if its free you are the product”

frozen food its good but there is no better food that the housemade dinner with fresh products + expertise

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I agree with this and I feel we are paying a much heavier price this way in the long run. Especially applicable in the context of the internet giants…you know who I am talking about.

There are no guarantees in forex trading. If anyone is promising your guaranteed success, it is probably a scam. You better make your decisions wisely and don’t fall prey to deals that seem too good to be true.

i think the more people use a system the more profitable it is.

Unfortunatelly it just the opposite.
Many “easy srategies” were working 50 or 40 years ago, they stopped working because too much money started following those strategies.
The edge was depleted and the market got more efficient.
Look for the turtles and turtle trading.
We make money from inefficiencies of the market.
it is exactly like commerce, you buy a good in place A and sell in place B because there is a different price.
If too many people start doing the same this gap will close, no more inefficiency.

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it probably isn’t really provable either way

i hope you’re mistaken, because the one thing of which you can be even more confident is that no paid-for trading system can be profitable (why would it be for sale, if it were?)