Free Charting Package with EUR/TRY or USD/ZAR?

Does anyone knows any FREE Charting Package Sofware that includes EUR/TRY and USD/ZAR pair monthly data?

OR one with all the technical stuffs and able upload past data?


STIFX is offering EUR/TRY and USD/ZAR i just checked in my MT4 platform.
So better just go and download the MT4 software, its a good technical software, and free :slight_smile:

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Fill the demo and you can then download MT4, which has good technical charts it self from MetaData Company, and then just chose the Above Pair you wanted to see, and see in the chart.
hope it helps.
Best luck.

This is great!!!

Thanks for the reply phillip :smiley:

Thanks and Always buddy.

I’ve come across this new software on
It has a special mode to train on historical data, you can specify different option, such as time period, speed and so on. I really liked it.
Besides, it’s free. I’ve downloaded it here

Hope, this will be helpful :slight_smile:

Good trading!

Hi, I can’t get the chart to come up…what am I doing wrong?

To Varft:

Thx for the reply. Amplesight is great analytical software, especially for inter-market analysis…but it only has one spot rate for EUR/USD only in my case, is there any way of making other pairs appear? ( I downloaded it from the URL you pasted earlier)

To phillipwa:

The software you recommend me, its great except for the EUR/TRY data is only for the last 8 months, which essentialy disables most of the technical indicators for long-term analysis, is there any way to get longer data? or is it my software that is faulty?

Contact STIFX, they will help you. they are amongst the best brokers, and they will do everything for you whats in there hand…