Free charting software?

Good afternoon all. Might seem an oddly basic question, but I was just wondering what the current thinking is in terms of which is the best free charting package?

Thing is, I use a paid service - and am very happy with them - but need to be able to set my screen up exactly as another trader does, to see what they see. So I thought I could have them use a free charting package, I get it too, and then we have the same look, menus etc. But which is the one to use? It used to be MT4, then they brought in MT5 (but I haven’t heard much about that), but I am some years out of date in terms of free packages.

So if someone who is happy with their package could recommend me something (which might still be MT4/5) I’d be most grateful.

Many thanks in advance!


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Well I use TradingView for charting, which has many tools and indicators for you to use. I can’t analyze the trades well on the MT4 software. It’s free, but you have to pay a monthly fee in order to access certain features

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ST you’re still around?! I sitll use MT4 for charting, I loaded up MT5 and there’s not much difference. I don’t use indicators much but there are plenty of them available and the usual moving averages, trend lines etc. Its free, you just have to set up a demo acct with some broker.

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Speaking of that, I am in search of a demo acct that uses NewYork Eastern Time. My broker recently shut down that server and now they are 7 hours ahead of me.

Lol yes absolutely. Trader forever! A few personal issues (not all negative, one was getting our youngest, Alice, into starting school) took me away from a few things, such as internet fora, but I have always been trading. I’m mostly back now as things have calmed down a little (although we’re just starting a building project at home which, among other things, is taking one wall away from my trading room - given we live in an exposed rural spot at the top of a hill that will be interesting when winter bites…), so I am emerging blinking into the forum light.

Thanks for the response - it has been years since I looked into free charting packages (as I’m very happy with my paid service and have no reason to change), but I have a student who needs something free and it makes no sense for us to be using different screens so thought I’d put up a flare in here and check I’m not too out of date and missing the hot new product.

I’ll go classic and try out an MT4 download. Thanks for the response & hope all well with you? Great to see a few members of the old guard are still around here.


Thank you very much for the response, and for the tip - I’ll take a look at TradingView, will be good to put it next to MT4 and pick a winner.



The good thing about TradingView is that if the broker you’re using has a partnership with them, you can trade through tradingview directly to your broker using the charting tools from TV and your broker’s platform.
P.S Don’t quote me on this one as I may be wrong.


Sneaky, thank you, I will check that out.

No, I think you’re right lol I was watching a guy on YouTube. I believe that his channel is called TheTradingChannel. It looked like he was trading directly on TradingView

Can I ask a (really basic!) MT4 question, please? I have downloaded it, set up my charts, but is there any way to get lines on the mouse pointer? I mean, so that wherever the mouse pointer is on the screen, I have vertical and horizontal lines showing me precisely what Price and Date I am looking at? I have fiddled about in settings and can’t find it anywhere!!

Would appreciate any help and sorry to be high maintenance.

(I have them in eSignal and find it really useful)


TradingView does that, but I’m not sure how to do it on the MT4 application yet

Simon, press the center mouse button or wheel. That gives me the crosshair on MT4

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Centre mouse button! You’re a genius, thank you so much. Perfect!!

(And apologies for the slow response - builders are knocking down the end wall of my office this week, which is not conducive to a smooth working day!)

Thanks again.



You’d make a good author. That I can guarantee you. :slightly_smiling_face: