Free EA with Fixed Stop Loss. So that Account will not blow up

Hi All… I have recently created an EA with fixed stop loss to work on trending pairs like USDJPY, GBPUSD, XAUUSD… and so on.

For its promotion, I am limiting its use on only one currency pair i.e EURUSD (most popular pair) and posting it here.

Even though EURUSD is not a good pair to trade this EA, still the EA manages to make profit in it. On good trending pair like USDJPY with 1% Risk on each trade, the EA can grow the account at 10% average per month. It does not mean that every month you will grow. if you trade for minimum 3 months, the average growth rate will become 10%.

Unlike loss recovery EA which use martingale, to grow your account by 100%, this EA looks like scrap.
But at least one can sleep peacefully at night knowing the EA will never blow the account.
Just change the “Start Trading = TRUE” in the EA settings to allow the EA to take trade.

Default settings is the best. No need to optimize.

The below chart is using EURUSD for 3 months on 4 Hour Timeframe (Default Settings).


To test it on other pairs, download the full version . Link in the EA settings.

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Interesting indeed. I cant wait for an objective user to tell us how using this went.

For people who want to see back test result on a trending pair.
USD JPY with 3% risk per trade using 4 hour timeframe for 11 months. ( from dec 2021 - october 2022 end)

What’s the catch? There’s always a catch?

Ah, single pair support only?

Yup. That’s the catch . And risk per trade is also limited to 1%. it cannot be increased.

I am sorry to say… the full version of this EA is not available any more.
It was acquired by a firm, and according to them when multiple people use the same strategy,
its efficiency get reduced.

hello… need to discuss something . plz do msg me