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09:10:38 GMT:

last week and despite it was poor of major fundamentals, the market broke some major levels, recorded some new levels, and the movement was massive, this week, the news are lined up on the queue, and the U.S. dollar still characterized by its great vulnerability. The major news this week will talk about the fed’s major predominant concern which is inflation, as we are going to start by the PPI figures, and afterwards CPI on the U.S, economy, the expectations are for both to witness some good improvements, easing inflation, which might lead to further expectations for a rate cut, and accordingly some more dollar weaknesses. From the other hand, and after the release of those important figures, Mr. Bernanke will testify on monetary policy before house panel on Thursday, maybe to set things right again, and again assure investors that everything is going fine, and get the dollar back some of its losses. While during the week, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England will announce their Minutes from their last meetings. More dollar weakness is expected unless the news revealed a different story, the possibility of a correction is also on the table, so keep yours eyes wide open for the trend of the market

Posted by Iftc

10:27:52 GMT:

We still see USD on a downtrend. so, we recommend to keep your positions running, while we will wait till the market react to the comming events & also we assume a tiny possibility of trend reversal in short term. stay calm and trade relax

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The Rising Wedge pattern is about to form on 1H for GBP/USD the trend into a up trend after opposite reaction to the trend line so we are looking to this situation as a bulish formation but we think that this pattern may change and reform so it beter to be aware owal wait for strongest signals to enter to an other trade or change our stop loss to to entry point

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10:53:08 GMT:
Main reason for drop EUR/USD despite of week German’s data, was forming triangle pattern in 1 hour time frame. But despite of weak dollar this trend isn’t consolidation trend.
Posted by iftc

On (1H) GBP/CHF chart a “triangle” formation has formed and a Down trend recognized after price line overcame the up trend line, but, considering to upcoming fundamental events that would probably support GBP,we still prefer to wait for stronger signals to confirm a downtrend.

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