Free Harmonic Patterns Indicator

Free Harmonic Patterns is an indicator which displays up to 7 types of patterns (ABCD, bat, butterfly, gartley, shark, crab and deep crab) detected on higher timeframe charts (H1-D1). Each pattern might be turned on/off on the panel on the chart and all visual elements might be changed in the indicator settings. The user can set (in the settings of the indicator) initial activation of pattern detection, colors for displayed patterns and visible text, type of alerts (Pop-up window, email) send by the indicator and maximum number of bars in which patterns are detected. The location of the panel on the chart can be set in the parameters. Indicator is working only on H1, H4 and Daily chart. The MT5 version is available at Fxmerge.

Harmonic Patterns.ex4 (118.1 KB)

Harmonic Patterns Indicator.pdf (613.7 KB)

You can also make an EA that will handle orders from this indicator :+1:

Hi, is this Indicator also available for other Platforms like TV or NinjaTrader?