Free Remote Trade Copy for Traders

Hi traders,

I have developed a remote trade copy solution running on cloud and free for real trader to use. You can use it to build your own trading network.

There is some remote trade copy software on the market, I hope this is one will be different and better.

Some high lights includes:

  • Better data protection. No private server used for client data registration and signal distribution.
  • Using DropBox as exchange server and allow trader to setup their own server on DropBox.
  • Easy installation. No EXE, DLL needed for installation.

As community version (free), there are some constrains:

  • limited to 5 followers per master account
  • follower is checking latest signal at every 5 seconds
  • MT4 and Forex only. No suitable to grid/martingale/scalper strategies
  • Every trade should have a stop lose for better risk management.

Please feel free to download master and follower EA here.

Installation Guide
Master Program
Follower Program

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BTW, if you just want to test the follower funding and don’t have a master to follow now , you can use my master account: 8059957. it is an account i used to test some strategy, which might open order in very hour with stop lose setting. please try it through your demo account.

Thank you Sir.

Can it work on Android Phones?

No. The program only works in MT4 terminal on desktop.

Thank you I will take a look