Free Remote Trade Copy for Traders

Hi traders,

I have developed a remote trade copy solution running on cloud and free for real trader to use. You can use it to build your own trading network.

There is some remote trade copy software on the market, I hope this is one will be different and better.

Some high lights includes:

  • Better data protection. No private server used for client data registration and signal distribution.
  • Using DropBox as exchange server and allow trader to setup their own server on DropBox.
  • Easy installation. No EXE, DLL needed for installation.

As community version (free), there are some constrains:

  • limited to 5 followers per master account
  • follower is checking latest signal at every 5 seconds
  • MT4 and Forex only. No suitable to grid/martingale/scalper strategies
  • Every trade should have a stop lose for better risk management.

Please feel free to download master and follower EA here.

Installation Guide
Master Program
Follower Program

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BTW, if you just want to test the follower funding and don’t have a master to follow now , you can use my master account: 8059957. it is an account i used to test some strategy, which might open order in very hour with stop lose setting. please try it through your demo account.

Thank you Sir.

Can it work on Android Phones?

No. The program only works in MT4 terminal on desktop.

Thank you I will take a look

Nowadays, passive options of trading are becoming more and more popular and copying including. So it is very likely that your product will become popular and will be the basis for the effective work of a large number of traders.

Thanks for the feedback. Let me know any questions of using the tool.

Any feedback or questions ?

Here I seem to understand that it can be useful and effective.
But on the other hand, I can’t imagine that I would use it in my work. I can’t leave my money unattended, even if I have some kind of guarantee. It is impossible.

thanks for the feedback. i will continue improving the program in next couple months and move it towards a robo-advisor kind of EA. and it will be more focusing on EFT, like NASAD, SP500, etc and buy and hold strategy.

try moyotrade copy trading platform. if you have MT4 account with your preferred broker then you can simply attach on MOYO and start following traders around the world.

Looks impressive. Great project!

I mostly trade through my phone. Wish it was mobile-compatible.

Interesting use of dropbox… Not a bad idea, but poling db could be too slow… Could you speed it up to say every second?

So has anyone actually tried it and can give us a report as to its effectiveness?

It’s good to know about your trading system. Before using it in my trades, I would like you to share some results that can give me some confidence about using them on my demo account. I hope that can be done to ensure that I am not putting my money just anywhere.

yes. it is possible to get latest signal from trader in every second or less, under commercial version.

the software here is focusing on trading signal copy cross internet. i have some other program under testing now which will be shared in the future.

Great effort on your part. I do have to use it yet and from what I can see, it does look useful. Let me use it and get back to you in case I face any difficulty. Thanks and kudos!

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