Free sharing of forex knowledge summed up in ten years

Hello, everyone, I am Louis. I have been in contact with and trading Forex for 10 years. I still maintain the same learner mentality in the field of Forex trading as everyone. For me, the people who teach useful Forex knowledge in this way are my teachers, and I am very grateful to everyone. This is a folder of daily trading knowledge that I have been doing for ten years. I have summarized and sorted it out every day for ten years. It contains relevant trading knowledge and videos that I summarized from beginners-advanced-traders-risk control. All files add up to 10G content. I share it and hope to help you who are learning Forex knowledge. I wish you victory in Forex trading! If you need to chat with me privately, I will send it to you for free .blessing图片1


Very nice post for newbies.

How do you figure? He has not shared anything but a bunch of bogus promises to newbies.

I look forward to his continued posts sharing some of his “free” content.

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Awesome. Thanks for your valuable contribution. How can I get this course?

Can you put all those on google drive and share it as a link. I think it would be much better

Hi Louis,
Thank you for offering all of this free information! This is very generous of you. Are you able or willing to share a link to a dropbox or other file sharing system please?

Hello, I’m a beginner in the Forex market. Kindly share the folder with me. Regards

I need this please.

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That’s a lot of experience to be sharing, very kind of you.

Are you interested in trading cryptocurrency as well?

Thanks for sharing, sure this will come useful to a lot of people.

Hi could I be sent information pls, thanks for sharing.

Can you send it to my mailbox? Or give a download address!

The chief goal my Team followed
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Excellent, this post of yours will be of great benefit to traders. New traders will be able to take a lot of help from this post.

where can I find this?

Found it

Learn How to Trade the Markets :+1:

sorry couldn’t help it :…---- I Like Like To Joke Sometimes



Thanks so much for sharing the information. Beginner traders will benefit a lot from this.