Free Speech Brexit Bonus!

We have some news coming from Boris’s Government ! - Great News !

Firstly a Brown woman (Our Home Secretary) is in charge of what happens inside the UK - Her name is Pritti Patel and she said ; (of BLM )

And then a Blond White woman ranted at her in the Guardian thus;

Then we find out that there are ACTUAL proposals to defend free speech in LAW !

As we might expect - the “Guardian” don’t like it !

But the Telegraph do !

The fact is that it IS an actual proposal to make Free Speech a REQUIREMENT at LAW in British Universites.

  • De-platformed speakers will be allowed to sue !
  • Silenced Acedemics will be allowed to sue
  • Universities will be made legally responsible for ensuring that Free Speech is upheld !
  • non-compliant Universities WILL be fined !

If this works

Can you imagine how much money Parents throughout the USA, Australia and the EU - will be prepared to PAY to get their kids a decent education and how much Salary Premium - those with Degrees from those universities will be able to charge ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Now THAT’s something we can REALLY Export ! ANd it could be that we see People actually STARTING NEW Universities in the UK to Capitalise on this !

If a UK university doesn’t want to uphold the right (and their moral compulsion) to free speech and open debate, they could always stop taking money from the taxpayer…