Free Technical Analysis lessons/articles from CryptoCred

I came across this guy on Twitter, and he knows his crypto stuff. He’s quoted by many top crypto enthusiasts and well known crypto traders. He put together a beginners guide for his crypto followers, but the application works with forex as well.

He’s got a doc containing links to his Youtube videos, a PDF study guide you can read after watching the videos, and then a few Medium articles.

I have no affiliation with this guy. Just decent, free educational resources. You do need a Google account to access his doc and the PDF, but all the other info can be found on YT and Medium and probably his Twitter account.



Edited the Google Doc to point to the original doc from CryptoCred. Let me know if you have any issues getting in it.

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Looking GoodGoodGood!

Thanks for the link, ForexForexForex.

Will certainly study it, always looking for good resources about crypto trading.

CryptoCred has added to his lessons. All free. Definitely areas of overlap from the School.

Article: Directional Bias [NEW]

Article: Position Size & Leverage

Article: Building a Trading System

Article: Anatomy of a Trading Plan

Article: Stop Loss Placement & Management

Article: 5 Useful TradingView Tricks

Article:Top 5 Technical Analysis Mistakes Beginners Make

Article: 5 Traits New Traders Should Embrace

Link is above in the first post.