FREE tool for MT4 users


I’m developing a new tool for traders and I want to hear what you think about this tool. The aim of the program is to help traders with some routine tasks and speed up trading. It will work with MetaTrader 4 platform.
Here is the screenshot of the program:

Main features are:

    • Open/close orders on any pair in one click. This can be helpful for people who use scalping strategies.
    • Set StopLoss/TakeProfit levels on MetaTrader4 charts by dragging lines on the chart (see the screenshot below)

    • Show the list of orders in a compact form with custom filters
    • Easy and compact interface, you can put the at any location of your screen on the top of other windows

In the next versions we will add these features:

    • Open bunches of trades (for example open a stack of Pending orders or open several orders on different pairs at one time)
    • Hide SL/TP from broker
    • Multilevel StopLoss/TakeProfit (you can set many SL/TP levels where your position will be scaled out)

This program is FREE=) you can download it here
Please let me know what you think about such a program? Can it be useful for you?


let me know when you interested of this program

i found a website with alot of technical indicators but they are ex4 files and i dont know how to download them to metatrader

If running windows. Follow these steps

  1. download indicator to my documents (or where ever you want)
  2. Go to my computer and open up your c drive
  3. Once you have your c drive opened up select program file (program files X64 fir windows 7)
  4. Now find you mt4 program file and open it
  5. Select expert then indicators
  6. now drag the indicator and drop it into the indicators file on mt4
  7. Start mt4 (or restart mt4)
  8. Enjoy your new indicator

Thanks for the information…


I just installed the app. Buy and sell can be very fast excuted, but can’t show my orders(I have tick show orders in settings window).
I usually order muilt pair. each pair will be opened at different time and level, when this pair all opened trade win certain pipe, I will close this pair all opened orders. can you add this function at next version? thank you!

This looks great and I would use it. Applications that enable you to execute from the chart are always great. Bring it on.

Sorry that we did not update this tool for a long time. Now we decided to update it again.

New version of the software is available by the link in the first post of this thread (member “soft” is my colleague)

Please try it and tell us your opinion.

hello, i want to try your tool but when i click download “here” nothing happens. Perhaps the link is broken ?


This looks like the tool what I have been looking for.
After a few times the broker side failed to execute to close when TP levels were met, I think i need one tool that can safeguard my interest.
I would love to try it out.
Thanks for sharing.

I would like to try out the program.
However, when I clicked the “here” link, it didn’t respond.
Is it because I just joined today, and still new to the community?

looks good. gonna download and try it.

I really like it, tried for some time now. Thanks a lot.

I can’t click the link to download it, any help?

Will it work on MT5?

Just seeing this now!

Thank you for all the hard work!

Looking forward to downloading it and giving it a shot. I’lll definitely give you some feedback for sure!

Thanks again,

Not yet, but you can vote for MT5 version or any features on the official site

I’m always glad when I see that such developments are done by ordinary traders, and they are not greedy and share their experience with others, it is definitely worthy of respect, and I think that you should definitely be supported.

Looks like your link was removed.

You know, in general, everything you come up with to facilitate traders’ work can be considered useful, but please do not develop a robot or something like that, it never helps, but only spoils all the work and makes the trader lazy.