Free Trading

What Is free trading…? I mean as far as i know about what is forex trading is to invest through currency although i am new to this field and don’t know a lot of thing about what is forex trading but i need to know is there any opportunity to trade free and earn with that?

Nope, there is no potential reward without risking money you already have. Maybe you mean a practice account? In that case you can google “mt4 demo” and trade fake money for practice.

Fake Money…???
I Have heard some company provide a bonus amount for joining and If I can earn by using it I will be able to withdraw…?

Yes, fake money. It’s best to start with that considering the high probability of losing your real money until you know what you are doing.

A bonus implies you still have to deposit some of your own money. I’ve heard there are strings attached to such deals so you might want to read the fine print.

Sounds to me like not having any money to lose is a blessing in disguise at the moment. Trade demo, proceed with caution or you will certainly end up like the 95%…crash and burn. There are no short cuts my friend.

There are some brokers that offer no deposit bonuses - I think deltastock are giving a $100/150 no deposit bonus so you might look into that.