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Hi all, every Sunday I will be posting here my analysis and forecast for the week ahead. I will be doing major pairs as well as any other pairs that jump out at me. I hope you guys enjoy it, feel free to criticise and add whatever comments you wish, I am all about getting better and I am hoping you guys can all help me.

Enjoy the signals :slight_smile:

Good! Get right on and post some stuff.

I don’t work from intra-day charts and am paying more and more attention to the weeklies so hope there’ll be stuff here I can comment on and get feed-back.

i have seen according to my trading experience , the result we get from our trading signal , its all about for temporary session, not any signal i have found which forked for a long time.

EURUSD.docx (126.6 KB)

Hi all, I would like to apologise for the late post, I had technical difficulties I hope you guys can understand. I also only did EUR/USD this week as a result of the technical difficulties. Next week i shall add another pair or 2 depending on how this week goes. Please let me know if there are any problems with how I’ve laid out the document and also feedback on the quality of the signals would be much appreciated as I am only trying to better myself. Tahnk you for the support and I hope you enjoy the signal.:slight_smile:

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Good Morning to all that are reading this. Last week’s signals were not triggered, let us hope that I have better luck this week. Here is my prediction : EURUSD.docx (139.7 KB)
I hope you enjoy them guys :wink:

Hi all,
My apologies for not posting last weekend as I was away and did not have internet connection. However, a short trade was triggered as predicted and it reached my 1st profit target before I was stopped out but I still managed to get profit

I am, however, busy backtesting a new strategy and I will be implementing it as of this weekend. So the structure will be a little different. I will still do the weekly analysis and show my potential trade areas, but I will also update you throughout the week of the different trades that were not seen on the weekly analysis as this is how the new strategy works. I believe this strategy will be very profitable and I hope you enjoy the trades that it produces.:blush:

poor guy good bye

Trading forex profitably is challenging

And I too will try to share my strategies, maybe they may be of help to someone,