Freezing problems with tradingstation desktop platform

I’ve been having problems with trading station desktop platform since last week. When I load it up, I then click to open marketscope charts and the whole platform freezes up on me. I have to shut it down. I uninstalled it last night and reinstalled it this morning and still the same problem.

Same problem here. Sometimes it just freezes. I close the program and open it again and it works.

Hi guys,

You mentioned that your whole platform freezes. I checked with our tech support team, and they’re not aware of any issue that could be causing this.

How many charts do you have open in Marketscope? How many indicators and lines do you have on these charts? Also, are you running any custom indicators or automated strategies on your Trading Station?


Hello Jason

I had around 16 charts open divided on a 4 chart screen (4 charts per corner). Number of indicators 2 for each plus 2 Ma’s. No automated strategies.

It happened first time when i was adding/reducing currency pairs and indices on the tradestation platform. [U]Apparently i was deleting pairs that had open charts and that may have caused the problem[/U]. I received a warning error that there are too many chosen pairs, so i did it one by one. Should i get this error again (without clear reason) i will print screen and sent it to you. It is also worth noting, i have 3-4 other softwares and platforms open of other brokers and this may be another reason (frozen platforms/TA softwares is something i m familiar with, and it can be due to overload). I usually never give it much attention since it is not unusual with so many platforms open.

Hi Oceanmen,

Thanks for your reply.

From what you described, it does seem as if the most likely reason for the freezing you encountered is the fact that you had multiple platforms running at the same time, each with its own charts and indicators. Added together, they could have used up the processing and internet resources of your computer.

This is especially true for news events when prices can update more frequently which means more data being sent over your internet connection for each platform and chart, and more processing power being used to update the indicators on all those charts.

If this continues to be a problem in the future, consider reducing the number of platforms and charts you have running at the same time.

I uninstalled it again and made sure to delete any folders and settings that remained behind. I also reinstalled it and it seems to work fine now. I’m thinking that a custom indicator that I got from fxcodebase caused my problems.

Thanks for sharing this info. If you want to inform the FxCodeBase programmer of this issue, then you can post in the thread for that particular custom indicator.

Likely problem is fxcm taking commissions and not reinvesting it into platform…your highway taxes NOT at work.
Demo freezes and closes frequently…my phone app rarely experiences a problem…go figure.

That’s not the case. FXCM’s developers are continuously at work to improve and update Trading Station which is why the platform is so popular with traders.

The earlier discussions in this thread revealed that freezing on the platform was caused in one case by having too many platforms running at once, and by an erroneous third party indicator in the other.

I am confident we can identify the problem with your platform as well and offer a solution, if you can provide additional details about when the freezing on your demo occurs. How many charts do you have open? What indicators or automated strategies are your running on Trading Station?

Fellow traders here is your solution:
Hammer it home. I am told the following:
ON Tradestation platform go to:
Trading app launcher
Send this to your friends have them do the same copy and paste the following. I have been dealing with this for a long time. i have consulted 2 knowledgeable individuals and this is the issue:
Attn: Brian Chou and software developers

Issue: Every pc today has multiple cores!

Computers now days have multiple core processors
Re write software to utilize multiple cores
TS currently running everything down one pipe
TradeStation has trading software, but it is not a “Trade Station”. A computer “work station” is designed around multiple cores. They do data and graphic intensive analysis. That is exactly what your software tries to do! “data and graphic intensive analysis”!!

While we don’t need a work station, at least use the multiple cores available in any computer.

I am told by TS reps the following are issues:

Market depth
Time and Sales
Write a software program for a trading station and utilize the multiple cores available in today’s computers.

Get on the wagon and solve the problem!!!


Randy Roller