French Canadian thirsty learner


Just a fellow Canadians new to the world of Forex and willing to work hard to be profitable. I’m a programmer so my effort are mainly put on EAs but i’m open-minded to anything that can help me achieve my goals. One of them being living out of my Forex business.

So any suggestions will be considered.

Thank you all

Ah and sorry… ('cause i’m a Canadians)

Welcome aboard.

On this site there is an educational program that may be helpful. I have gone down the exact same road that you are about to. If you will allow me I will offer one piece of advice. Before you attempt to program an EA make sure that it works when you manually trade it. There are many things that make back testing look better than it really is.

Happy Trading. Eh.

Hey @Traderjohnsblog thanks for the heads up.

I will certainly follow the baby pips program.

Trading manually before using EAs. That’s the kind of advice I was looking for. I’ve been coding for a month and i was not sure how long would it take before being comfortable and profitable. I will definitely find a way to trade manually. What i’m doing right now is building a trading plan as many has suggested it.

Back testing seems like an art of itself. I feel like back testing can also make a strategy looks less profitable. Am I right?

Thanks again