Fresh out of pip scalping a viable option?

so, im almost done with my trading 101(shout out to babypips school) who said education is boring? ;)anyhoo, yeah so im almlost done…and boom…with the first time jitters in my boots-thinking about all the forums that state, that i’m sure as heck going to loose all my money…im thinking about scalping…-insert spooky music here- is that actually something that i can go to. im hearing low risks, but sizable lil chunks of profits…is SCALPING ALRIGHT? IS IT A SIN IN THE FOREX WORLD ?

Think of it this way - which of the following jobs would you prefer?

A. A job that requires complete undivided attention when you’re doing it, requires you to work several hours everyday, requires a high degree of precision, has a high frequency of invoking undesirable emotions.

B. A job that requires an hour or two of work a day, allows more room for mistakes, (arguably) produces bigger rewards for smaller risks, provides a (relatively) low stress work environment.

You can assume they both pay the same, as profitability will depend entirely on your performance.

Why don’t you test your knowledge on a demo account and SEE how scalping works for you. If it works, GREAT. If not, continue searching, young Skywalker.

oh boy…red or blue pill? here we go:20:

I will suggest you to try it out with a demo account.There are lots of software available in the market which provide the demo account but I will suggest you to go with TFOT robot to try it out as they are the best in the market.

I think scalping is a trap that a lot of new traders fall into and get burned really bad because of the speards. Go long term trades when starting out I think.