Friday closing times ..?

I’m in UK and thought Friday shut-down was 10 pm GMT - I actually spoke to someone on my brokers ‘live chat’ and this was confirmed, they are UK based by the way, so I’m wondering why they actually shut down several hours earlier - actually I can’t remember if it was 4 pm or 5pm GMT, any ideas please ? have I misunderstood something here ?

This is the reason I was left with 3 open positions on Friday - I did intend to close them out but didn’t have the chance.

thank you.

I know there’s brokers that will stop their price feeds an hour before the market is “officially” closed at 5PM new york, I think that’s 10PM in London. But 5 or 6 hours, that is a little lazy of them I think, but considering how late it is on a friday, it makes sense. You might have to switch brokers if this is a common problem :frowning:

i am also in the uk could sugest some good brokers i have dealt with and we could share our experiences if you dont mind becoz um also a newbie .and i have learnt a lot from babypips since i went to the school .i started trading on 5/08/10 and blew £10 000 within a month but babypips helped me discover exactly what went wrong .becoz at one point i thot the brokers were spooky but hey thats all gone now. cheers

Hi tapmancee - I’m always open to new information/ advice, so any brokers you can suggest I’ll look into - I’ve been trying out lots but haven’t found one i’m completey happy with yet.

My main problem right now is brainstrain :smiley: