From $1 to Million - Trading Journal

But that would be from $10 to Million then. :grinning:

You can continue to trade each account to $1 mill. Then it would be $1 too $1 mill or $10 to $10 mill.

This is getting ridiculous. I’m going to stop and watch your progress for a while. :slight_smile:

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You should’ve start with $15,000 thousand,would of saved you a lot of time
It sucks when you work with 1:50 leverage

Thank you for your “Superior” knowledge and experience - some of us are giving the guy the “benefit of the doubt” - but we’ll see :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am trading more accounts, this is not the only one, obviously. :wink:

As for the challenge, I think its better to do something that hasn’t been done before. Gives me extra motivation.


Today’s update. No open trades into the weekend.

Well, Goodluck! appreciate if you can give us some trading lessons or what to improve our trading. Thanks!

Dude, we believe in you. Good luck !!

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To be honest, during the week, I mostly work 15 hours a day…and during the weekend I am glad I don’t see the computer most of the time. I have no idea how some gurus and mentors find the time to teach people, because if they were trading and actually watching the market/news/sentiment, they wouldn’t have any time for that. So I guess those who teach, never really trade. :slight_smile:

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Here is my latest analysis, but as always, stick to your own plan, this is just my opinion, I might be wrong. :wink:

Tough week to trade, only managed to make something over 6%, but holding a 12% drawdown now. Need to analyze the new ranges during the weekend and come up with new trades into next week. Need to get some sleep!!

Account at $81 now.


you are to some extent are correct. but to be fair, perhaps some of them they just use the daily, weekly and monthly charts to trade. I know indicator heavy prop firm traders dont even look anything lower than the daily and they do just fine.

EURUSD is plunging downward h1 and h4 this week but watch out for friday

131 pips this morning from eurusd and eurcad

( i am a scalper)

Unfortunately, this account didn’t make it past $80…but I already started building a new one…will post it, once there is a bit history, since its still only 3 days old now. :slight_smile:

Good thing is, my lower risk accounts are doing fine during these crazy times. But I will build this one up…I need to bring it to a few hundred dollars, then it will get easier, with the risk and leverage being smaller. Starting from $1 is a headache, but I love doing it during boring trading days. :slight_smile:

I totally forgot to add the weekly analysis here(not sure if anyone wants to read it, anyway), but last few ones worked out well.

I will post next week analysis tomorrow.

Analysis for next week, as promised.

New account now at $61, lets hope this one goes higher as the previous one, which died at $80. But so far $1 to $60 in 10 days, I am happy with that. Next goal is to break the $100 “barrier”.


My next week analysis: