From $1 to Million - Trading Journal

Hi everyone, I decided to share my journey on this forum. I have been a long time member here, but didn’t use the forum for a few years and have no idea what email I used to sign-up with back in the days…so I had to create a new account.

I will try to post my weekly analysis in this thread, too, as I do on my blog, fb, twitter or telegram. I am not going to “spam” any of those in here.

Below are the results so far:

Trading history is open, nothing is hidden(other than open trades), so feel free to explore and hit me up with any questions.

And yes, I really started with $1, so I had to find a broker with leverage higher than 1:1000, so I could even open a trade with such an amount, because 0.01 lot is minimum, no matter what size.

Wish me luck and lets hope it works out!


Good luck with this! :blush: Haha. :smiley: I’m sure it won’t be easy :sweat_smile: but I’ll be cheering for youuu! :blush:

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At least an image for now. Later, when it will be possible, I will be posting myfxbook updates directly.



Today’s update.

July trades so far.


What strategy do you rely on?

You can do it :fist_left:

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I don’t use a single strategy, its more a combination of things, plus experience, of course. If you look at charts for over 10 years, you see some patterns and situations repeat themselfs over and over again.

So I analyze chart patterns on H1 and H4 mostly, reads fundamental news, study COT reports, check the option expiries for each day and check market sentiment. I am trying to process all that information to get an idea what to expect on the market. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, so I am trying to make an exit plan for when it doesn’t. I need to know in advance when and how to exit a bad trade, once I am wrong with my analysis.


Good luck!

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Thanks, guys! :+1:

i have to know what broker gives you such high leverage you can start with a dollar

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You can see it on myfxbook, I don’t want to spam this thread with broker names.


i see now thanks :grinning:

You’re welcome! :grinning:

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At the rate you’re going, you’ll hit the million mark in a few weeks; 6 months approx!!!

Love this thread! :heart_eyes:

Thanks, but I don’t think so. :grin:

I will be lowering the risk as the account grows…if I managed to make 20% every month, it would take 6 years by my calculations. But it will be tough to reach even those 20% with higher amounts of money, we will see how it unfolds. :wink:

The Power of .01 I hope everyone notice 8,000 % with .01 lots . 2% Chart compounded Daily starting $100 would make everyone Dreams Come True. I have a Feeling Your Going To Prove it.

Not that you doing that just how your building and started with a $1


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Your risk is $1. How much lower do you want to make it? Withdraw $5 from the account so you’re already in profit. :smiley:

As your account grows trade half of it at your current risk level and the other half with reduced risk. With an 80+% win rate you can afford to take on some risk.

Whichever way you choose to do it, we’re rooting for you! :+1:

What will I do with $5, if I withdraw it? :smile:

Start 5 new accounts to run upto $1 million each. :innocent:

That sparked an idea. You can open 10 accounts with $1 in each and link them. That way, you only need to get each account up to $100K and you’ll have your $1 million, all while trading a single account.