From 8 Sept 2023, I traded $1,000 to $15,769, 1476% ROI, 35/35 trades (today is 27 Sept 2023)

Worry about your own trading. Even if it doesnt close green, it’s not an issue. It will still pan out.

Second and final bullet in at 409.

I would want pretty big odds 'cos I reckon it’s very short odds on to finish red. I’m not a fortune teller but I’ve been scalping short all day. :rofl:


Took profit.



Swish. Done.

Am I missing something here? The low of the day was 33,301.5 so you were in a hole for 5hrs
and down for more than 320pts to make +7pts +0.02% profit? Jeez and people tell me scalping is nerve racking! At least I know my fate in 5 minutes :joy:

Please someone tell me I’ve made a miscalculation here. :upside_down_face: :rofl:

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You’re right except you’re not.

My entries were at 527.1 and 409, which I mentioned in the thread, #11 and #22.

Don’t be so eager to hate.

No hate! :heart:
I just don’t groove to this style of trading :wink:

You made the assumption yourself bro.

To me, it’s a high probability low effort trade.

Good day to you, I’m off.

Sell GBPUSD 1.21866

Bad DD, but it’s alright now.

Also, sell NAS100 at 14,821.

it’s “alright” if you trade with no stop-loss, have a huge account and don’t mind taking a really big loss in pursuit of a small profit

i hope nobody does that!! :open_mouth:

this is not “trading” within any normal meaning of the word


We money now in NAS shorts.

Ok if you say so, babydoll, I made $21k profit.

Also, what huge account, stated clearly $1000.

Might as well post this on the trillionaire thread. The signals are just as good. Hold a huge drawdown to make a few pips

Are you always 100% right without drawdown? Cable is very volatile and can move 100 pips in a day. What’s a 84 pips dd? Of course if it can be avoided, that would be good. But so what if it happens? What matters is the bottomline, not the process.

What about the Nasdaq call? What’s the dd?

So much talk, so much criticism, don’t see you guys doing better.

This is a beginner site. People will see your claims and follow like they did with that ausguy. Your Dow pick was awful, any reasonable form of risk management would have lost way before it turned around and made a small profit.

I have no problem with the way you trade, been there done that and eventually lost most of it when I held on and it didn’t turn. But it’s not something that a newbie should be copying. Especially the crazy overleveraged way you’ve got there.


Account over $22k.
Whatever man, I’m literally giving you guys money and you guys are still crying lmao.