From 8 Sept 2023, I traded $1,000 to $15,769, 1476% ROI, 35/35 trades (today is 27 Sept 2023)

Will be sharing my calls. Enjoy.

What strategy are you using? :open_mouth:

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Naked charting price action.

I don’t understand. How do you want us to respond to this. You’re trading well. That’s great.

But you posted it in the discussion section. What would you like to discuss?

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You trading standard lots?

he turned $1,000 into $15,769 in less than three weeks.

that is 1476% profit.

do that one more time and you will have:


and do it again and you will have:


and do it a third time and you will have:


so instead of forming a trading team and actually doing that, he wants to discuss this first at babypips.

i am down, lets discuss this. /s



Standard account, not cent account.

I never said all this rubbish.



Congratulations. Although this has been a very easy month to trade. Basically USD beats everything almost every day. The market are rarely that kind.

If you can do it again then I will be truly impressed


He did write he’ll be sharing his calls… so I guess that’s the discussion!

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Buy US30 @ 33,527.1.

Wait for the after-lunch rally. We will close green for the day.


i think the wording of the title makes the self-promotional intent obvious enough? So responses like “Fabulous results,” and “Can i buy it?” and “Do you have a subscription service?” and “Please send me details by private message” are maybe wanted?

be aware that this member has already had 4 other posts deleted by our excellent moderators :wink:

if it’s “calls” (his word!) then that’s a Journal, not a discussion :wink:


I bet you 50p it won’t

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Good point. I didn’t realize that.

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wow, last of the Big Punters?! :open_mouth: our mutual friend @Johnny1974 may take you up on that (but he’ll probably want odds!!) :laughing:

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It was a joke that I don’t think it’s closing green.

The official open was lower than my brokers open, but I still think down day

50p? What does p stands for? Penis? Sorry, I only have one!

No, not selling any jack ■■■■.

Mods removed my 4 other posts because I posted a youtube link but it is a FREE channel.

But since Babypips don’t allow, then I won’t post. Sorry I’m new.

We’ll call it a buck for those that are ignorant to anything outside the most obnoxious country on earth.

But I’ll let you off. You’ll need that money if you used the same leverage you did at the start, you’ll be close to your starting amount now.