From Zero to Hero

Hi, all.
My system not test in real yet, need forward testing.
I hope you to try it. Read the system, we discuss it.

download (1.25 MB)

Template, statemen and backtest :cool:

This picture show you where the EA, put its entry, and where the EA close it.

Main rule to create the system:
As long the last bar (current bar, therefore it may repaint) and previous last bar (should not repaint) are not green color, then this is our setup to make 20 Ma Mean Reversion System. This is the only one rule that must we care to create the system. As long this condition occurred, the probability of price to hit then mean is higher, and our task to make sure from our entry before hit the mean will make profit.
The others rule that may become a filter.
Time Based Filter:

  • Because most of this condition occurs at the closing of American�s Market to Asian�s Session, this system will include a Time Based Filter.
  • Trade time only 22-5 GMT general for all pair. A backtest result show if EURUSD pair make more then half of it�s profit at 20-1. Just do a backtest, to find a specific time trading on each pair. On my research, do not miss any trade between 22-1 GMT.
  • No trade at fist 2 hours on Monday. Many surprise move here.
  • No trade on Friday Trade after 8 GMT.
  • No trade on 3 times spread period. It�s mean no trade above 20 December and first week of Year.

Daily filter:

  • No trade if previous Daily close above/below 2 deviation of Bollinger Bands.
    You can avoid this rule to set TradeOutSideBand�s value TRUE.
  • No trade if current 5 Period of Daily Chart showing above MaxDayAtr.
  • No trade if last day range is too low. I define too low if yesterday high � yesterday low less then current 5 days ATR.
    You can avoid this rule to set TradeLowRangeDay value TRUE.

Entry Rules:

  1. Main rule and Time based filter must to be followed.
  2. No trade outside Upper and Lower channel. If price penetrate both 2nd deviation of Keltner Channel and Bollinger Bands then no trade execute here.
  3. Because we Buy below MA, and Sell above MA, used twice of pair spread as a minimum range between current closing price and MA for the entry. This is to filter a market that it�s range only between their spread, and also a natural filter if the spread of the pair go wide.
  4. Compare the maximum value between twice spread and last previous (not current) 20 ATR. Witch one the maximum, this our real filter for entry. Let�s we say this is our Signal Filter.
  5. If the range between current closing price and MA as much as our Signal Filter, look 1 M Chart for the last confirmation. We only sell when the price tick up, and buy when price tick down. Therefore use WPR(20) at 1 M chart, wait for its value below -80 to go Long, and wait for it�s value above -20 to go Short.
  6. We do Cost Averaging use the same rule above, and use the Signal Filter as minimum range between two same open positions.

It is hard to explain the way to exit but this is the common rule:

  • The main target of this system is to make profit in pips (it can sum of profit in pips if we have more than 1 same open position) as much as our Signal Filter (That�s why we are not scalper). If we get this target before touching 3 place below, then no same position will be opened
    If this happen, the EA will not take any Short position again, but still to take Long position.

  • There are 3 places to close our position no matter how much our profit/loss. First place is the mean or MA, second is the first deviation of Keltner Channels, and the last the second deviation of Keltner Channels. The decision to close or not in each place, to be confirm with CK_Speed Indicator.

  • Mostly if price hit the MA in trading time, we have make profit there. If it�s not the situation, then it�s become a difficult decision to make here. To close accepting the current loss, or to hold the trade to expect the price to penetrate the first deviation even the second deviation as the final target with no reason anymore. Therefore if you have any others strategy on exit at this condition, then trade it manual, specially if trading time has been passed, but keep respect to use stop loss.

  • The last rule in exit position, the EA only looking for profit (summing) as much as 1 pips, if trading time has been passed. Therefore try to avoid last hour trade if there are no more an open position.


Please post the EA again. I think someone deleted the link you posted because it violates the rules of the forum.

But I’m interested in your system, so please post more about it and how I can set it up.

Well my apologize to admin if I violate your rules, and my thanks not to delete my thread.
But know I confuse how to tell you, to put the link here, then I could be banned! Just use google, type “volatily scalp”. I hope this can help.

This another picture shows how the EA work. This is my trade today on GBPUSD. EA made 10 Trade on 5 pair, 3 loss. I get trouble today to trade GBPCHF, first time to trade, and get 2 welcome loss.:mad::mad:
But overall still make money 200$.:rolleyes:
This is my demo account on Alpari Server.
Login : 623420
Investor : 3detcks (read only password)

TradeOutsideBand=False only mayor pair.
This filter should apply on mayor pair. I try to avoid this filter, but seem bad idea. I get loss from USDCAD and EURUSD by avoiding this filter. Just do a backtest, you can see a different by applying or not. But I hope there is a good idea here.

Hello! Please, could you tell us the best pairs and TF?

Use TF 15. Best pair EurChf. But make experience with another pair, and also the time trading. You can read in my manual the result of backtest on others pair.

Thank you!

Hi, all.
Get shocked today! Gap in EurPair hits my stoploss. But another trade make profit and can cover a half of loss. Day by day my experience to trade on six pairs show each pair can give superior result. Today GBPCHF give much profit then the others. But I still have no conclusion about what pairs to trade every day that can give a better result. I only make several notes on each time EA get a loss.

I’m having a lot of difficulty understanding this system. Which indicators are you using? What do you mean by “Mean Reversion System”?

Please advise!



I use 20 period Ck_speed and 5 period CK_Speed indicator to create Mean Reversion System.
As long the last 2 bar of indicators in both period, then price tends to back to the mean. In this case or Mean is 20 period Moving Average Median price. That’s why I use “Mean Reversion System”. Another sample same sistem, is to sell when price breakout the upper Bollinger Band expecting the price back to MA and vice versa.
The different with my system that I use the maximum value between last 20 period ATR (TF 15) and pairs spread multiplyed by 2. This what I call “Signal Filter”. The distance between price and MA must equal or over the Signal Filter to trigger the entry.

This picture from my trade today. For example EurGbp spread is 5. Then we multiply by 2, result is 10. Then look the last 20 period ATR divide by pair point. If last ATR below 10 then we use 10 as Signal Filter, others we use ATR value as Signal Filter. Let say the atr value is 0.0011. We divided by pair point, 0.0001, the result is 11. 11 is our signal filter.
Now look the current MA value. For example the current MA value is 0.8924, then we only buy if price penetrate 0.8924 - (11 multiply by point). We only sell if price above or equal 0.8924 + (11 multiply by point).
But make sure no green colour on Ck_speed indicator and 20 period wpr on 1 Minute Chart show overbought/oversold.


So the CK_Speed 20 and the CK_Speed 5 should have opposing colored bars AND the price should show a breakout from the bollinger bands to warrant entry?

I’m not familiar with CK_Speed, so I’m having some trouble following still.

Thanks for your efforts so far!


May be Yellow or Red. Stop if green, price moves fast.
Breakout Ma ± Signal Filter exactly. Not bollinger bands, but penetration of the fist deviation of Keltner Channel to warrant entry. Entry always above/below 1st deviation Keltner Channel, never below it for selling and never above it for buying. But entry could be above or below Bollinger bands.
I explaine CK_Speed int MQL section if you want to code.

Hi, all.
Although my system seem to execute “back to back move”, actually the most profit come if the system trade the correction. If there is a big move during American season, then we can expect much profit here, because market still in high volatility. And may be this is the answer from my backtest on EurUsd pair, the most profitable “Trading Time” on EurUsd pair is between 20-1 GMT. The EA may just execute 2 trades during this time, but average profit in pips more than 10 pips. Rarely 20 Period ATR during this time show below 10.
This picture on GbpUsd pair show the EA excecute 3 trades, and make 38 pips profit.

Hi, All
I am very interesting with ATR and STD indicator. If we compare their position, then we can feel current market emotion. For example if bollinger bands accross inside Keltner channel, what we see actually a complete zigzag move.
I draw a vertical line each time bollinger band accross inside Keltner channel, and draw the zigzag.

Hi, all
This is my latest work. It’s 10 times better the previous one. It has on more zero.