Frustration is

Frustration is: being +45 pip ahead on a scalp you only originally meant to take +10 then trying to close when you see it reverse and you see: requote, requote, requote, because price is jumping around so fast. Then it goes back down even less than your original +10 and you are left wishing you got out at the middle of the move.

Frustration is:

A noun

[B]1 [/B]	frustration, thwarting, foiling
	an act of hindering someone's plans or efforts 

[B]2 [/B]	frustration
	a feeling of annoyance at being hindered or criticized; "her constant complaints were the main source of his frustration" 

[B] 3 [/B] frustration, defeat
the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals

Frustration is: Trying to control my entry by placing a limit order, only to see it missed by a pip and then price moved to your would-be TP. So, entered a market order on the next trade to be sure of entry, only to get slipped by 7 pips!

Argg… :mad: So many battles to fight.

I’m a bit frustrated right now. I’m seeing all these news events, and markets are going up and down.

I’m demo trading but, I’m starting to feel like this volatility is not a good starting point for me as a beginner. I’m feeling scatter-brained.

Oil prices drop. Ooh I should look at that.
JPY goes up and down.

It’s so distracting, and I can’t focus. I’m having trouble learning to trade under these volatile conditions.

Perhaps swing trading is for me, but these are not swing trading conditions.

Part of me wants to take a break from demo trading and just review the Pipsology lessons.

Any suggestions? Should I learn to trade under these conditions? Is this anxiety and distraction level normal?

These aren’t NORMAL conditions. I’d advise anyone who has a low threshold for risk to be careful with their positions or just not trade at all and wait for the dust to settle.


True, momoisnyc. I started short trading. Trades that last from 15 minutes to around an hour. I’ll make $20 or so.

However, there I haven’t found as many opporunities as I would like. I’m still getting familiar with different pairs.

The pairs I thought to behave one way, were doing something else.

The USD/JPY was hurting me. I went short and lost. I went long and still lost. That was when I got angry and started randomly looking.

So, I literally, randomly looked for ANYTHING with a less volatile major trend—something with fewer pullbacks.

I went for USD/RUB and AUD/CHF, and I did ok there. I did some selling and some buying. So, I’m slowly starting to learn. But, I can’t go live yet. The School of Pipsology warned me not to rush things.

Being fast asleep, only to wake up to find the price went within a pip of your take profit and then dropped off, leaving you still in the trade.

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