Frustration is

Frustration is taking two text-book perfectly good set ups and lose, then passsing on a questionable set up, and watch it hit the would-be target with unbelievable ease.


On behalf of all newbies, I’m starting this thread as a safe place for newbies to vent. Veterans with encouraging words are welcomed to comment. Veterans who want to tell us to suck it up are NOT invited - we already know it’s a tough business, but I’d rather vent on a forum full of people I don’t know, than take it out on my poor account with revenge trading.

Thank you. End of vent…

Frustration is: Making a couple of small postive trades. Then your set up shows a possible big move, you see it coming and hesitate just long enough for it to be too late to get in, because you are afraid to give back your small gains. But, the the big move would have equalled all of them and then some. Make me feel like I always miss out on the big move I’m looking for even though I saw it in the first place…

Frustration is: When you start in a good market as forex, you lose in the first days and you don�t want to try anymore. Also, when you don�t see that the opportunity is just right in front of you. That�s what frustration is.

Frustration is catching a PERFECT entry just in time, watch the price fly in your favor, moving your SL up, and up and up, until you’ve exhausted the run took your pips, patting yourself in the back… And then realized that you’ve entered THE WRONG NUMBER OF LOTS and that you’ve only won $1 out of that huge run.


Frustration is: your downfall.


Frustration is coming across what is by all means the perfect trade setup, then having it suddenly move 20 pips against you just as soon as you enter.

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Just want to say what an excellent idea for a thread this is. :slight_smile:

Let’s hear some more!

Frustration is when you have spent hours making an analysis with the indicators, setting your S/L and T/P in the perfect way and open the trade, then see at the beginning how everything is just working as you thought and suddenly the market just drops and all your analysis goes no nowhere.

Frustration is …
being psychic meaning you watcha trade setup you enter and boom like you are psychic the trade moves against you…

you are psychic for whatever reason you decide to get out of a trade (maybe price has stalled, or maybe price is moving against you) and the moment you get out the price takes off in your favor :frowning:

But on a serious note all this frustration is a part of trading and your best defense is good money management. Perfect setups will fail and winning streaks will end but if your mm is in order you will live to trade another day :slight_smile:

Open several demo accounts and blow all of them out is frustration
Looking those results and quitting is more frustration

But anyone can go through the first one and without stopping, survive

Frustration is: Your manual system of choice is working well, then someone comes along and tries to make an EA out of it…then tells you your system doesn’t work.


Particular thread. Frustration is for me when you are expecting a trade for a long time and then your F(%&%$&/ platform gets stuck. And due to that frustration you decide to go with another broker that allows you to avoid those kinds of inconveniences.

haha! that’s a great one. :slight_smile:

Frustration is knowing that you don’t know stuff, but you don’t know what you don’t know, so you don’t know what you should study. :confused:

Frustration is when you have worked on a strategy for a couple of days, have burned your brains with indicators and feel like you finally got it, then you finally place an order but then your damn stop loss is too short, as short that the order is closed before you even see the T/P go green.

Frustration is diligently sticking to your rules, but get slapped by the market on several trades. So you bend the rules a bit on your next one. Get slapped again!

I know. You should stick to your rules no matter what. I just feel like griping a bit. It’s been a bad week for me y’all … :frowning:

Frustration is having an open trade and the damn MT4 doesn’t work at all, it just freezes over every time you try to close the trade. Seeing how you lose pips minute by minute and knowing that there is nothing you can do about it.

Frustration is when u forget to turn down a sell and after 3 hours you see you won 367 pips�� Im sorry I forgot to say this is a frustration for others, not for me. :smiley:

Frustation is having a winning system that takes small but sure steps to your goals but do you have the patients to keep on task to stay with that system to meet your goals.

That by the way is Forex in a nut shell a system that shows you slow and steady account increases and having a way to increase your lots by make the same simple trades you started making on day one to increase your profits over time.

get a simple system that works X out of so many times and stick with it and as your account increases increase your lot sizes for those same trades stick with that and prosper over time dont get bored with a system that works just becuase it is taking time to get where you want to be
I’d rather make small steps to my goals then take big risk to reach my goals in no time the easy way is usually the way that will kill your account be a trader not a gambler
stick to your winning system and don’t stray from it you’ll find you become financial indepent just as fast if you do the right thing.

getting stopped out by 1pip and having the next candle bring in the “would be” profit.