FSO and Parabolic SAR EA

Hello my fellow Pipsters.
Firstly sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum! I was hoping someone here can help. I was wondering if an EA exists that places trades based on the below set of rules

For Buy order

Fast stochastic = 30>
SAR Under
Place buy order

For Sell Order
Fast stochastic >70
SAR over
Place sell Order

Once the dots reverse it would close out the trade and then if the opposite conditions were met open a new trade or wait until they are met to place the trade.

I have been trading this very simple way for a few months now with 75-80% success and just wondered if there was an EA that can do this and if so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated! If not is there anyone that can help me with coding something like this?



Hey, are you still trading using this strategy? Seems extremely promising. Thanks in advance for sharing.