Ftmo news rule on crypto

Good day traders. Does the ftmo news rule apply to cryptocurrency trading?

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Their live chat support is online right now, as usual. Don’t you think you may get a more reliable answer there - and far more quickly - than by asking in a forum?


This reply is from Microsoft Copilot in Windows (preview).

From the answer, I have assumed that FTMO news rules imply that Crypto trading is excluded from scope of FTMO, or that Copilot has a long way to go in answering simple questions.

In an FTMO Challenge and Verification, you can trade freely during all news releases. However, after successfully passing the Evaluation Process (consisting of FTMO Challenge + Verification), and unless your account type is Swing, you should be cautious when trading during news releases.

Here are the details:

  • Challenge and Verification Accounts:
    • You can trade freely during all news releases.
  • Live Funded Accounts (except Swing):
    • You should be careful when trading during news releases.
    • The following restrictions apply to specific instruments around targeted news events:
      • Not allowed: Executing any new trade or closing an existing trade on the targeted instrument within 2 minutes before until 2 minutes after the release of specific news announcements.
      • Allowed: Holding trades opened more than 2 minutes before the restricted news event.
      • Violating these restrictions may be considered a breach of the FTMO Account Agreement.
    • Other non-targeted instruments can be traded normally.

Remember that these restrictions do not apply to FTMO Challenge or Verification accounts. Additionally, FTMO Traders with the account type set to FTMO Account Swing are exempt from these news trading restrictions

There is no exception when it comes to such rules mate. High Impact News will always be just that, whether you’re trading stocks, commodities or crypto.

You’re mistaken: there are exceptions for Challenge, Verification and Swing Accounts. Exactly as explained in the post above yours.