FTMO swing account

Hi traders. Has any of you gotten a FTMO swing account and trade it like a day trading account by being able to trade during major news?

no experience, here, but a very strong feeling that anyone who has done this has only done it briefly, since it’s by far the commonest cause of losing accounts

i see, though, that that isn’t necessarily relevant to your question, and that even “briefly” it could be very profitable, if it’s allowed

is it allowed?

if it is, and people from FTMO read this thread, will it still be allowed? (maybe it will??) :wink:

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Thing is that if you are not looking at the major news and have a trade open during it you are violating the rule and will lose the account. Swing account solves that problem.

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If what you mean is trading after the major news, maybe wait after it settles for a bit (wait around 15 minutes or so) then maybe yes. This is because you won’t know the trend resumes or completely reverse after it was released. Many people including the larger players are not filled their order yet because the price ran away. Not to mention that during the major news event was released, say the last USD CPI for example, the spread for my platform was around 60 pips. If you can survive that, very good. But, even if you really can survive that, 60 pips stop loss to me is a bit too wide and you need the price to go in your direction for at least 120 pips to have a meaningful profit margin. Or maybe you don’t use a stop loss at all? :skull_and_crossbones:

This is my take on this matter.