FTMO vs 5ers vs Monevis Brokers

FTMO vs 5ers vs Monevis Brokers - Your thoughts?

Thank you guys.

5%ers open actual funded accounts with an actual broker for people who pass.

No way of telling whether FTMO do, but there’s certainly no evidence that they do, and they don’t even claim to, and that’s exactly what got MFF into such trouble.

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Okay and what do you think, who should regulate prop trading firms? They operate based on their own license, yes or not? (and Monevis has their own MT5 license, right?) Correct me if I am wrong, thank you.

What do you really mean by “license”?

All that means is that MetaQuotes has given them permission to use their proprietary trading platform, MetaTrader, because they pay a fee to do so.

It’s nothing “official” or “regulatory” or “authoritative” or denoting “approval” by any authorized institution or government or anything like that at all. It’s completely meaningless.

Monevis is also certainly one to keep well away from, for many other reasons, but above all don’t imagine that them being “licensed” (by MetaQuotes, lol!!) means anything at all.

Of the three you’re asking about, I’ve heard nothing bad about the 5ers, by the way.

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Thank you for your reply…but…

Could you tell me which kind of license (from the government) the 5ers have, please?

Btw: I have never heard that the government regulates prop trading and you? :slight_smile:

I think he’s just trying to make this Monevis thing sound somehow legitimate, which it obviously isn’t. (Might even be trying to spam it - I see he was just banned from ForexFactory recently, and they all know it’s way easier to spam, here … )

As we all can see, your knowledge has ended… Sure. I got that… Thank you, for your “very valuable” answer… :slight_smile: It is really funny that somebody with no photo (having a fake & anonymous profile) called somebody a spammer… sad but okay… hehe :slight_smile:

Guys, if you are not prop traders or if you have ZERO practical experiences with the companies, I have mentioned above, please do not spam here with absolutely useless “reviews”. You are teoretics. You are googlers only… You shoud not comment anything you really do not know at all…

Your advices have ZERO value to me & other folks on this phorum so far… Get better guys!

It’s hard to choose between 5ers and FTMO, have accounts with both of them, I would say FTMO is harder to pass for novice traders due to some strict rules, both companies have long history, so I would say it’s safe bet with both.

Never heard anything about Monevis Brokers, but since testing prop firms is my side hobby and after checking website they have own MT5, I might give it a shot on a smallest account and update you later on the process.

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I don’t know about 5%ers, they claim to fund real accounts, as do Lux so that is safer if true.

FTMO don’t create real accounts, they’ve been outed several times. They make money out of people failing the challenges. They then stop your account for any number of reasons if they think you’re going to be consistently profitable.

I’ve heard of them stopping accounts for trading too aggressively, which is ironic because the only way to pass the challenges was to trade aggressively. There’s a whole myriad of ridiculous reasons for kicking out profitable accounts, and anything you made is taken too.

They need some people winning to keep the suckers coming back. There’s a documentary on the BBC called Instatraders, I suggest you watch this before considering a prop firm

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They don’t just claim to: they actually do it: a real account with a real, regulated broker whose customer support you can use.

(FTMO don’t, and don’t claim to. That would worry me.)

Well, I don’t want to take your illussions, but 5%ers are not using a real regulated broker, they just using own licensed MT5 servers same as FTMO, and actually same as Monevis Brokers mentioned here. There is no difference between those 3 in this regard…

They use FivePercentOnline which is not a real broker but their License registered in israel. You can’t open account with that broker without 5%ers. Don’t know from where you get the information that you can use a customer support fo FivePercentOnline broker, since it’s the same firm that own 5%ers prop firm :slight_smile:

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Ok, that’s changed, then.

When I asked them, they told me exactly what I said above, and that was also what it said on their website at the time, and what someone then funded by them confirmed to me.

This was a while back - things change.

No, that wasn’t what they told me. They were using other broker(s) then.

FTMO used to be the same (they even used to give their customers a choice of which broker they wanted their account held at, both for the challenge and the funded account later, if they passed it), but I know that’s not still the case now, with FTMO.

This would completely put me off either company, because it seems to be a big part of what got MFF into such trouble: they were their own customers‘ “broker” (I.e. counterparty) and that obviously doesn’t set up a situation which incentivizes them for their customers to win (which is what they dishonestly claimed).

It turns out that Axi Select and Alpha Capital Group are the same.

Axi Select claim to be FCA-regulated, but they’re lying. Their sister brokerage, Axi, is - but Axi Select is regulated only in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which as we all know means unregulated.

They both tell the same “we win when you win” story that got MFF closed down. Both are actually counterparties of their own customers.

Lux Trading, it seems, do open real, funded accounts for their successful challenge-takers, and with a proper, well-regulated broker, too.

Apart from them, maybe, with everything else that’s going on right now, nobody should be trying for CFD funding, when the futures prop firms (with the obvious exception of Apex!) are so much better, easier, safer and more reliable in every way.


I wouldn’t call Apex a “futures prop firm” really. They’re latecomers jumping on a bandwagon as an addition to CFDs.

There are more and more “payout problems” there, now, too.

(Nobody who does any due diligence at all about them and their owner would touch them, anyway.)