FTSE100 (uk100)

Indexes are a great addition to add into the mix, not to mention that they don’t hold the traits common to FX, such as the so-called bank manipulation, stop hunting and artificial widening of spreads. The major indexes are also highly liquid and highly traded, representative and weighted towards the free flowing market cap of each company within the index.

These markets have completely different dynamics to that of FX, predominantly trending and not range bound over time as per the major FX pairs. Technical analysis also works a treat on these indexes for the short to medium term, although clearly driven by country specific fundamentals over the longer term.

I’ll use this thread as a form of analysis come 2019, discussing the positions I’ll be taking and giving technical insights into what trades make for a decent speculative bet. We’re fortunate in the UK being that we can Spread Bet on these indexes, an opportunity awaiting.