Full Time Forex Trader in the Making :D

Good day to you all fellow traders,

I am Sola2 from Cape Town in South Africa. I have been getting tons and tons of useful information from babypips.com for a long time now and I am thankful for this awsome site and everyone’s contributions.

I am nearly done with the School of Pipsology and have been paper trading for the past year and 4 months now. I have opened my live account beginning of this month, its been a slow start but I am not complaining. What drives me is that I will be working for myself soon enough and will be doing something that I have come to love and enjoy!!

I love the outdoors and Cape Town is a beautiful city to live in, I love being fit, I cycle, mountain bike, run and hike, not in that particular order though lol!

I have forever been looking for freedom from the system, being my own boss has been something that has been driving me for a very long time and I have made various mistakes in the past trying to fulfill this dream. My Father which is retired now, is a full time trader, he slowly but surely introduced me to trading, since then I am convinced that this is what I have been waiting for.

Its been a long road from where I have been to where I am now but it has been an amazing experience of getting to know myself, learning and making mistakes and applying what I have learned. Babypips.com has been fundamental part of my trading experience.

Thank you
Good luck to you all and happy trading!!

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Good afternoon Sola2,

I wish you all of the best with your ForEx endeavours and I hope you will be able to trade full-time soon.
I too, am situated in South Africa and have recently opened my real account after a few months of demo trading and graduating from BabyPips.

Wishing you plenty of pips!

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Good to meet you @JPvZ, great to hear that you too are busy with your live account, in all honesty my first week wasn’t all that great trading live, I blame it on the real account jitters. At least I can always head back to my demo account to regain some confidence. :grin: all the best for your trading endeavor as well!!