Fundamenal strength or weakness of a country for trading


I don’t know who i must ask but i will ask here, i just studied fundamentals on a book i bought on my own, forex fundamentals. i’m confused,
as to how i should trade. I see what makes an economy weak or strong but i am not clear about it, if lets say eurousd, euro has high unemployement rate, low PMI, and high inflation and low interest rate, and low GDP while usd has low unemployment rate high PMI, Low inflation rate and high interest rate and high GDP. It confuses me, it is difficult me to determine which economy is strong because other factors are weak and other are strong, i Want to be a day trader.

Musa Shihundla

You have to know that Fundamental news will just give you cues about the Forex markets.

You have to Study the movements based on them and continue to track for some time.

Then you will know what will happen if a NFP is Strong :slight_smile:

And what happens when NFP is Neutral on the other hand :slight_smile:

As this is the way to Progress further.