Fundamental Analysis Question

I feel so new and a bit embarrassed asking questions, but I really want to know what is causing something I’ve noted on EUR/USD charts lately. There are long periods of nearly horizontal ranging and then BAM!, there will be a price spike. The example I’ve included is a 4h chart, but it happens on the 15m chart as well. I’ve noted that the spikes are usually also reflected in the GBP/USD and USD/JPY charts right around the same time frame.

Can someone explain what is occurring here? Is it market sentiment? Is it some event that happens periodically that I just haven’t figured out yet?

Thanks much,

Events like a Central bank interest announcement can spike price, if the pair you are looking at is in a nice uptrend then those periods of sideways or slightly down movements is your place to go long and take profit after the next spike higher.

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In all of those pairs you have mentioned USD is included which means a news from US, or connected to US was released. When some big movement happen than it will be more visible on small time frames than on the bigger.

OK, That makes sense. So could it be said that overall volatility of the market is rather low right now? This is a trend that I’ve been seeing over the last month or so.