Fundamental analysis

How do I perform fundamental analysis using news events?

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Hello @EDangelo! You can learn more about fundamental analysis here:

Hope this helps!


This will help you, I think :wink:


Definitely agree with the previous comments! :smiley: I guess once you’re ready to trade the news, the economic calendar here could also become useful. :blush: Good luuuck!

Thanks for sharing it and I hope it will help me a lot down the way.

I won’t mention any economic calendars cause I guess babypips already has one. I recommend for real-time ticker news. Also if you are looking to better understand how the news events affect the fundamental view of the market I would recommend you look into a research subscription. I use PMT which posts a lot of research about institutional players which I really like.

PS: I realize this is a beginners question but this would be my genuine response if you look to become a fundamental trader. I can share more resources if you want me to.