Fundamental factors concerning past events

Hi, I have been looking a place where one can find fundamental overviews already past events. Not the forecast but report.

Economic Calendar | FXStreet

go on the news event that is interesting to you, then klick it, then click history, it gives you a graph for the last 7 years, or if you want more you can click on table that gives you a table for the last 10 years or so

I guess we do not understand each other… give the link of any recent fundamental overview not the forecast or news

re…read what i wrote

you sad news… but I need a point of view - the explanation of why the things are going like that… anyway give the link and I show you what I mean

Most economic data are just single points of data that mean nothing without context. If you want an opinion, I’d search for news items after the data is released and you’ll hear plenty of commentary about it.