Fundamental-news site?


I was wondering if anyone could please show me a site who publishes news of fundamental value in the forex market. I’m looking for scheduals for release of reports that could have significant impact on the market.

You see, I have found a way of trading that works wery well for me, but sometimes the signals says “Get in”, and after some time, some report is dropped that destroys my entire trade. If the site also shows forecasts, that would be nice to.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

You could try, they are not bad in providing a calendar as well as analysis on the currency pairs. enjoy:)

Forex Street. The Foreign Exchange Market then go to the calender of events, there is also Business, financial, personal finance news - CNNMoney and check out currencies.

Thanks guys, you’ve been great. :slight_smile:

You can’t stick to one source, especially since forex is global. I look at euporean business news, asian and american. Most sources are from
on cable TV look at CNBC and CNBCworld has a program called “foreign exchange” which comes on before dawn. Also Squawk box is good and also the bloomberg channel.
BBC , RTTNews - Realtime Financial news, Economic news, Forex news, Stock Alerts, Breaking news…

althought I trade on I also use for news stats and any one fx website you can get your hands on. I just do that for verification and accuracy confirmation. is very comprehensive

I hope forexbastards gets their economic calendar up and running soon. Its been on the backburner for weeks now!

I like the fxstreet Economic Calendar , it shows you what market expectations are and what level of volatility is likely to be in effect.
News trading is filled with lots of twists and turns i.e widened spreads, slow market reaction, retracements, unexpected profit taking by other traders all of which can wreck an almost perfect trade. Damn, proceed with caution