Fundamental too vast for forex

Hi guys

still a newbie to forex, and I m finding I have a hard time with the fundamentals…

once again I m not talking about trading using news…I m talking about understanding how fundamentals affect the general trend for weeks, months, etc.

there are only a couple of things that seem important, interest rate, unemployment, retail sales, NFP, and inflation…but its hard for me to determine how a specific data will affect the currency…

many times when a certain econ data comes out, it doesn’t really affect the main trend of the currency…so I ask how do I connect such info like NFP, retail sales, etc with the long term effect of the currency thanks?

You may not be news trading, but you’re still looking at news items as discrete events that each specifically determine price direction. That’s just not the case.

Fundamental analysis is about looking at the data in aggregate, not one release at a time. Any one specific data item is subject to revision and volatility. In other words, these things bounce around all over the place in many cases, which makse trying to determine the fundamental view of the market from any single one at the time of its release a maddening effort at best.

Fundamental analysis is about identifying the main things that contribute to demand for a currency (interest rates, trade, economic growth, inflation, etc.) and tracking them over time. In the case of forex, you have to do that for multiple economies because it is the relative effects of these contributors to demand that influences exchange rates.