Fundamental UK Traders Look Towwards Next Week's Data

Readings on UK economic activity printed in-line with economists? forecasts as pound values ease slightly from multi-decade highs against the greenback.Fundamental traders are eagerly anticipating next week?s readings on consumer inflation, retail prices, and Bank of England voting records

[B][U]UK Fundamentals:[/U][/B]
[B][U]Next Week: (7/16)[/U][/B]

  • [B]DCLG UK Housing Prices (YoY) (MAY)[/B]
    Survey: 11.2%
    Previous: 11.3%
    [B][U]Last 24 Hours:[/U][/B]
  • [B]Leading Indicator Index (MoM) (MAY)[/B]
    Actual: 0.1%
    Previous: 0.5% (Revised)
  • [B]Coincident Indicator Index (MoM) (MAY)[/B]
    Actual: 0.2%
    Previous: 0.1%
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